Thursday, July 3, 2008

When Life Hands you a .... bagel?

Sometimes things get turned upside down. Ever get that feeling that you are dangling by your ankles- and you watch as your pocket change falls from your pockets, and no matter how you struggle you just can't seem to get free- and then... the blood starts rushes to your head and the throbbing begins.

Yeah. good times.

My analogy isn't to say that my life is bad right now- its actually awesome. I have a fantastic Husband and four of the most wonderfully adorable sons ever! Its the housework, the yard work and my lack of sleep. no matter how I struggle to keep up I just can't seem to get enough sleep, get the house clean enough and my yard- well the grass is brown. :( (thanks a lot in part to 102 degree temps!)

The past three days I have been working on getting the twins sleeping in their own cribs. (I almost have my bed back and its terrific!) They stay in their cribs all night- we are just working on the sleeping part.

Picture this:
I am on an exercise ball with an arm in one crib shhhhing baby to sleep then i roll on the ball over to the other crib with an arm in shhhhing that baby to sleep- FOR AN HOUR! (Seriously with this kinda action why aren't all twins Moms a size 2?)
BUT it could be worse. It could always be worse right?!

Needless to say my housework hasn't gotten done and I feel like a tornado has hit the house- or maybe a earthquake?! <---Well some monstrous disaster anyways!
In the grand scheme of things this is but a mere speed bump.
And with that... I digress.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh Girly I feel for you I totally understand I can only get laundry done when everyone is asleep and sometimes it's like my house looks like a tornado really did hit it clothes everywhere dishes not done and so much more mess.. Take it one day at a time and breath it's okay house's are not suppose to be spotless all the time that is what makes it homier. Sleeping in different beds that is a hard feet but you can do it. It will take much presitants on your part to accomplish this task but you can do it... I hope it gets easier soon call me if you need anything!! Take care Holly

Jocasta said...

I feel for you - we are having sleep issues here as well - Little monkeys.

Connie said...

Hang in there!! And don't be so hard on yourself!! Everyone will survive a not so neat house, and wilted lawns...and it will all come together again....and then they'll start to crawl!!!!! And my girls started sleeping through the night when they went in their own cribs...I hope it happens for you soon.

Laura said...

Wow! Keep doing what you are doing they will eventually adjust! The pay off will be worth it too!


girlytwins said...

My mom always used to say that a messy house is the sign of a happy house. It doesn't always need to be clean. As long as the mold is confined to the fridge you are safe :)

I feel you on the sleeping but it will get better and all the rough nights now will pay off soon. I remember those days like they were yesterday...ahhhhhh! It will all fall into place. Hang in there!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I feel you pain, and my twins are not babies. I think the whole exersize ball thing is ingenious!
My house is never clean. It really isn't supposed to be spotless with a bunch of kids running around. If it was we would worry about the mental stability of your children.
Good Luck. I hope youe ear is all better.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Good luck! I hate bedtime most nights. Its our biggest "issue". I'll never understand why babies and toddlers won't just GO TO SLEEP! lol!