Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho.. Its Off to Camp He Goes!

Chugo will be embarking on a new adventure this weekend! He will be attending Scout Camp for 5 days. FIVE days! This will be the longest I have ever been without my amazing first born! I am so excited for him to go, as I recall going to camp when I was younger. It was such a getaway, from family and be able to make new friends and experience new things!
*sigh*.... those were the days!

So now, its pack pack pack and worry worry worry! Will we never cease to worry about our kids?
What if this happens, what if that happens? I always just tell myself that if I assume every (and I mean EVERY) possible scenario then it won't ever happen.. because I will be prepared right?! Its like that saying expect the worse and be surprised with the best. (ok so maybe that isn't really a saying, but I say it, so that actually makes it a saying then.. right?! *Haha)

I am sending him off with a disposable camera so if any shots come out (you know kids) I will scan them in and post them!

Did I already mention that I was excited for him?
*Big Cheesy Grin*


Bonnie the Boss said...

I am so like this, I worry and worry. I pray several times a day for my oldest when he goes to scout camp. Mind you, I worry on a daily basis about all of them. I worry about those things that have a 1 in a million chance of happening. I am a worrier. When my hubby gives me a hard time about it, i tell him if he would take up some of the worring slack I wouldn't have to do so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Just stopped by to say hi and see how things are it's been awhile since I talked with you!! I haven't had the chance yet to send my babies to camp but when they do I think I will miss them just as much.. I hope he has a fun time and you won't miss him too much.. Write me when you have a chance.. Take care

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I'll seriously lose sleep when my oldest wants to do things like this! I'm a total worry wart when it comes to my kids. Sounds like great fun, though!