Friday, July 11, 2008

10 Things..

Ten things I can't live without tag...

As I got this from Laura, whom I think is fabulous, and I am also going to steal her idea of making this a fun and frivolous list seeing as we all know how much the kids, Hub and God mean in our lives!
So.. Here is to my Top Tasty-Fun Ten!
(In no particular order)

1- Mani's & Pedi's (why do one without the other? HELLO!)
2- Lemon Drop Martinis (With of course Fabulous girlfriends to drink them with!)
3- Ipod
4- Victoria's Secret Lingerie (who says we Moms can't bring Sexy back?)
5- Car Navigation System (I seriously get lost in my own town!)
6- Laptop (DUH!)
7- Lady Godiva Chocolate Truffles ~Oh La La MMMMM!
8- PI Cologne (its my signature scent)
9- High Heels (I have missed them! ...One day I will own Jimmy Choos! *wink)
10- Venti Carmel Latte from Starbucks

hmm...looking at this list perhaps that is why God blessed me with all sons, He knew I was girly enough for the whole family! LOL

*Bats Eye Lashes*


Connie said...

Pretty girly!!! It's fun to read these!!

Jocasta said...

Great list - makes me wish I was you!!!

Laura said...

I am so glad you played along. I loved reading your list and learning more about you. Oh and thanks for saying such a nice thing about me, it made me smile! Right back at ya!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Love the list even though I haven't experienced over half of them. Man am I missing out!