Friday, November 21, 2008

~From Trash To Treasure~

I am addicted.

Well, lets say I have a new obsession. Its treasure hunting at the Goodwill Outlet. Did you know they even had those? Its FABULOUS with a capitol F. (no.... seriously!!)

The first time I went I admit I was taken back, I walked in with my sons and noticed there was quite a few people with not only gloves, but surgical face masks. (I just about walked out.)
However, I'm not one to be frightened off that easily, so I took my time and walked around a bit before I dove in.

Dove in? Yep... Diving in to a table that is. The Outlet is filled with these extremely long table bins. A table bin?!- I guess you would describe it like the old cafeteria tables in elementary school, only instead of a table top its one huge long bin. The bins are random. (By random I mean they don't sort anything out other than shoes, books and clothes. everything else goes into catch all bins.)

I'm a bargain hunter. I dunno if I would call myself a diver, but I found my way.

So this last trip I took I made out like quite the bargain bandit! I've never been one to be huge into brand names, I just liked clothes that fit me nice and looked good and didn't break my pocketbook. Since finding this Diamond in the rough, I've become a brand name snob! (teehee)
Fendi, Banana Republic, Gap, Armani,BCBG, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, only to name a few!

I even found an adorable REI vest for one the of the twins and some North Face sweats for my oldest. (which he hasn't even taken off the past couple days!)

Long story short (I know too late right!) I brought home my loot and started sorting. Some of the clothing had tags on it from the regular goodwill stores.
This gave me an idea, a wonderful money saving show-my-husband-how-much-I-saved idea! I counted the items I purchased (which mind you was THREE huge garbage bags full) and then added up the total of each of the items that had tags and took that total to the Hub.

Now the Outlet charges you by weight.
Can you believe that?
AND its cheap!
Like 1.69 a pound for up to the first 10 lbs then the price gets cheaper for the more weight you have! So its a bonus to find more and save more! Wink

My totals were:

62 items (in the three bags)
Of those 62 items- 15 had price tags
Total of price tags: $90.85
How much I paid for my loot: $27.25
A Savings of: $63.60
~And that's just the total for the items that HAD tags! AMAZING!

Like I said, I am obsessed. Its a wonderful place, its a treasure hunt every time. Why go to a store and window shop for stuff I know I don't have the money for when I could go here and find other people's trash that I can make my treasures!
(and the best part- if the kids destroy it I don't feel so bad as I didn't pay an arm and a leg for it!)

Thank you Goodwill for your Outlet stores! Cheers!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Flu season is yet upon us again... UGH
We have never taken part in the whole flu shot event. I have always believed that you would get sick from the shot, I mean after all practically every story I had ever heard about someone getting horrible sick had been after they had gotten the shot.
Our fabulous in home nurse assured me that you can't get sick from the shot. (possibly the new flu mist as it is live virus, but not the shot.. its dead. wink)
I agreed, after she told me how badly the flu could affect the twins if they did in fact get it. My kids are my everything, and the idea that one of them would end up back in the hospital was not an option for me. After a wee but of persuasion, the hub agreed too.
(and besides my good friend's family all got them and no one got sick-and they even got the mist!)

So.. we got the shot. It was free and she even did it in the comfort of my own home.
As a Mom, especially a scrapbooking Mom, I felt it only necessary to capture the moment. (granted not ME getting it done, just the boys! teehee)

And now the proof.. that we are in fact Flu immunized----

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My mother in law is an amazing woman.
Its not often that a woman can say that she truly likes her husband's Mom. (are you with me here girls?) From the very moment I met her she had welcomed me with open arms. I have known her since I was 15 years old. I recall the first time I met her, she had her long curly hair down to her shoulders and came into the room doing spins in her car wash dress. (as she called it because the dress had long strips cut almost fringe like that twirled out when she spun) She was going out on a date with a tall man in a cowboy hat. (but he wasn't much for me to remember)
She was, and is now still so full of life. She would do anything for you and always remembers the dates of everyone who had ever had a birthday, anniversary, or even their death. She is a woman of God and some days I truly believe that she has a phone line directly up to the big Man himself. If ever a prayer was needed, she is the woman to call and pray with.
She has always excepted me for who I am, even in my dark days-and I thank her for that.
We have been so blessed to have her in our lives.. so today.. Its her day..

Happy Birthday Mama-Lupita-Wella-Sticker-Babes..and every other name you go by!
When God made you.. he truly did break the mold! XOXO

Monday, November 10, 2008

...Being Thankful on our Early Thanksgiving...

Its been three years now that we have had an early Thanksgiving. My brother, who resides in Seattle, comes over when he can get away from school and work to spend it with us. (Seeing as he works in retail and we all know how big the shopping days right around Thanksgiving are.)
We had a wonderfully Big Turkey bird and all the fixing- most of which I only make once a year!
With the old we did have some new, in the form of a pumpkin cheesecake. ( I was informed only this year that my hub dislikes pumpkin pie.) It turned out great and I was sooo happy to get off my feet and enjoy the meal!
As the holidays get closer I start to reminisce about my childhood and all the wonderful memories I had around the holidays. I KNOW that sometimes I go above and beyond what is necessary for my kids but I just want them to sit back when they are my age and remember all the wonderful times we shared together. To me, its worth it. All the stress and all the Holiday Hub bub fades when I see my sons smiling with holiday glee! (but this all in itself is a whole other post... we'll get to it soon enough! Wink)


Saturday, November 8, 2008


Our Luck.
If it can happen, it will happen to us.
And it always does.

Its Scarlatina, yep.. that fabulous rash you get when you get strep.. only problem is between that and his Eczema it was a recipe for disaster. While he never complained about a sore throat, never even had a fever.. we didn't know what was wrong at all. We were shopping when he broke out and he told me in the dressing room how he was going to leave his jacket on so that people wouldn't think he was a freak. I could have cried :(
-The first Dr. we saw told us it was just an Eczema break out. But me, as Mom, knew this couldn't be true as he had Never had one like this before. (by the way his legs were even worse!!)
-The 2nd Dr. (at the Urgent Care- which I think they should rename Slow Care!) said she had no idea what was wrong with him. Each area of his body seemed to have a different look and she just couldn't seem to pinpoint it. She then told us to try to get in with our regular Dr. in the morning or go to the ER.
-The 3rd and Final Dr. finally tells us it is a Strep rash and the most horrible one she had ever seen! Lots of strong meds and 10 days later we are looking better. Granted He still has a rash on his arms and legs which won't seem to go away but I have a call in for a referral to a Dermatologist. Lets hope we can get to the bottom of this!
(I have done some medical research of my own, I mean come on this IS the digital age and all- But alas I am no doctor so I will get the referral and hopefully they will be able to tell us what I think I may have concluded on my own!) <--I'll keep ya posted!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh when the Saints...

This year was our first year participating in the Saints Alive! Parade as Church. The boys had to come up with a Saint they wanted to be and then I got the pleasure of trying to figure out just exactly how I was going to make it work. As per usual, myself, the last minute Queen, whipped up both costumes the night prior to said event. I think they came out alright.. but no worries I won't break my arm off patting myself on the back or anything! *wink

Chugo went as St. Patrick

Kata went as Noah

The boys had a really good time. Each one was able to get up in front of the church and tell who they were and why they chose the Saint they did.
Some of the teenie kids were adorable and couldn't remember who they were- or if they did they didn't know how to say the name. So glad we participated!!