Monday, May 19, 2008

You know your house is...

So I sat in my recliner this morning looking around the house, just soaking it all in and needs to be cleaned!
I'm not a messy person and my family doesn't intend to be messy, it just happens. I call it the little tornadoes in my life. As soon as one room is clean and I move onto the next I could bet you money (and WIN!) that as soon as I enter back into the clean room it will look as if I hadn't cleaned it. Its a good thing I love my sons or we could run into a real problem! *wink

So I thought of this... You know your house is...
and this is what I came up with so far:

*You know your house is messy when you just move stuff out of your way with your foot to make a path through.

*Your know your kitchen is messy when you walk barefoot and crumbs cling to the bottom of your feet.

*You know your house is hot when the dog is barking to get outside instead of in.

*You know your bathroom needs cleaning when your sons have written their names in the soap scum on the tub walls.

*You know your house is messy when you smell *something* and have to sniff it out like a bloodhound.

*You know your lawn needs mowing when your dog runs out to go pee and she disappears when she hits the lawn.

*You know your garage needs cleaning when you clean the house and just decide if you can't find a home for something it will just go into the garage for now. (until you can find a home for it later when you should really just throw it out! but you're sentimental and you just don't know how to decide whats important and whats not!)

*You know you have no time to yourself when you have 5 books started, all with bookmarks in them and you can't for the life of you remember starting any of them!

*You know you need to go grocery shopping when you open the freezer and all you find is otter pops. (Who wants liquid sugar for dinner? Anyone? Anyone?!)

I'm sure that you all could come up with some even better ones! I'd love to hear them (hint hint)..But as I stated earlier I HAVE to get this house in order before summer or when I take on my job as the kids' social director I won't know where to direct them to to get them out of my hair! *smiles
(and summer is only 19 school days away! YEEPS!)


Churchill said...

This one is my favorite

"You know your lawn needs mowing when your dog runs out to go pee and she disappears when she hits the lawn."

Debra said...

My fav is the crumbs on the feet. SO true!!!

How about this one:

"You know your carpet needs to be cleaned when you cannot remember what the original color was."

and I speak from experience!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Oh yes, I've got the pathway through the toys and the crumbs on my feet, too. Luckily I don't have a yard to mow! lol! Funny post!

Bonnie said...

~You know you need to clean your house when the toothpaste your kids wrote their names with will now have to be taken off with a chisel.
~ You know you need to clean the house when, the neighbor kids are talking about you behind your back, and saying how messy your garage is when their garage is so messy they can't even shut the door.