Monday, May 12, 2008

Sick & Tired ( no particular order)

Well, We tried. we were amazingly careful with the boys making sure we didn't venture out in public. Keeping the visiting traffic down in our home and thought we were safe seeing as RSV was over. We were luckier than some (sorry Debra).
We were invited to our friends daughters 1st birthday party on friday. (It was in chinatown, downtown portland at a restaurant.) Long story short by the time we got home Moose was coughing. I thought maybe it was just the odd smells from the restaurant but then the fever hit. 102. UGH
It sucks to have sick babies when all you can do is rub backs and bellies and say "its OK mommy's here!" I know colds don't come on *that* fast and I'm sure its probably some germ that Chugo or Kata brought home from school; it just goes to show that no matter how anal I was about the hand washing and sanitizing- those damn germs still got in! I called the docs office to get an appointment seeing as it was their first major cold and I wanted to make sure it wasn't anything major- the nurse has me rattle off the symptoms (you know the drill) and then says sounds viral to me, not much we can do so just watch it. <--Glad I pay so much for my healthcare. *sigh* Luckily the boys are now significantly better! Still have the crazy runny noses and both seem a bit "off" and not themselves but are slowly getting better. The moaning has stopped and I think they only got up a couple times last night. (which was better than me being up ALL night!) Needless to say my Mother's Day was spent mothering! ~Now granted I did get to take a couple hours nap (which was Heaven!!) as I told the Hub that I was so physically exhausted that I couldn't be held accountable for my actions. Chugo and Kata made me a mothers day banner which was sweet and I got flowers. Chugo even wrapped up kata in a box and had me open it so Kata could pop out and say HAPPY MOMS DAY! It was sweet! My present will come in the next 14 days or so.. Its Wii-tastic! It is the Wii Fit and I'm so excited for it! I can't wait to try Wii Yoga and see how I fair at the push-ups game! The boys are excited for the soccer portion of it and there is so much more!
For those of you who do have a Wii now I think you should totally check out Boom Blox!
It is a puzzle game (sorta has jenga-like qualities) .. but its something the whole family can get into! And the characters are just so darn cute!

Anyways- thats my "catch-up" Post.
As thrilling as it is (LOL) I'm both feeling the sickness coming on and am still tired. So hopefully I will get some good rest tonight and get better soon! Nothing worse than being a sick mom taking care of sick babies! (Good times!)
HAPPY BELATED MOM'S DAY to all you wonderfully fantastic- perfect in everyway Mom's out there! (And yes.. I'm talking about you! Duh.. so pat yourself on the back because any Mom who has time to sit here and read this post is a Mom after my own Heart!)


Tracy said...

I was just about to call you a slacker for not posting & then read your post - UGH. I bet you are more than exhausted - kind of reminds you of the days when the twins were preemies eh? Lots of interrupted sleep.
jeesh - seems to be that everyone is getting a wii - now I really wished we lived closer so that I could get my leg warmers on & do yoga with you. lol
Happy Mother's Day - you are special!

Kate said...

Poor boys! And poor Mommy! I hope everyone is feeling better really soon! Okay...I keep hearing Wii something-or-other, what the HECK is it!? I don't even have television stations here, we have to watch movies...

Bonnie said...

I hope Moose & bus feel better soon. I am sorry they are not themselves. I hope the nap made it a better day! Enjoy the Wii.

Jaime said...

Sorry you're all so sick! That really sucks!
I am excited about the wii fit too. And I can't wait for rockband, either! yeah!

angie said...

I'll be looking here first for the Wii Fit review. I totally want it. I'm so sorry about the illnesses. Yuck! Hope everyone is better pronto.

Shannon said...

Oh no! Sammy just had a double ear infection and I know what "off" means. I hope you are all feeling better very soon! Happy belated mama's day to you!

Laura said...

I'm sorry for the illness. I am sure it was something the kids brought home. Hard either way! I would love read your review of the wii fit. Happy Mother's Day!

Debra said...

I'm so sorry that you had sick kiddos!! Were they coughing with it? I am glad it went through FAST. We are doing better, just have lingering coughs. Oh and DH has the virus now. RSV sucks!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

Oh, definitely tell all about Wii Fit!!! I've been thinking about buying it, but have hesitated because I don't even have time to play DDR. Boom Blox looks fun. Let me know if you like that one, too. So far I only have Mario Kart, DDR, and Go Diego, Go! And the sports games that came bundled with the Wii. My son and I like to play Mario Kart, so if Boom Blox is fun I'll get that for us, too. The Wii is really fun. I'm so shocked that I'm into it. I'm not a gamer-type person at all! I loved Galaxian and Galaga in the 80's, but haven't touched games since then.

I'm so sorry to hear about your boys. Sick babies are always the worst. You just want them to get better! Poor things! I hope they are feeling better.