Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend ReCap

Well, the weekend came and went. (I guess thats how it has always worked but lately it just seems to do it a lot faster. hrmph) Quick recap:

Friday: We had Chugo's sleepover birthday party. I don't know what I was thinking having 4 10 yr old boys sleep over- obviously I wasn't expecting an uneventful time, but I suppose it could have been a lot worse. Poor Kata wanted to be involved in everything. He had a t-ball game but as soon as it was over he was ready to party- unfortunately for him he was stuck in the bedroom watching movies with me and the twins. (The stinker stayed up until 11pm and every five minutes kept telling me he would rather be hanging with the guys. Poor Mommy, I'm no fun! And as every Mommy does- I gave in. He went running out of the room yelling "I'm coming guys, let me just get my sleeping bag!" as if the party was all about him. too sweet.) So my thought on it all- Not again.. ever! (until next year comes around and I somehow get birthday amnesia and ok it.) Btw: since when did everyone's kids get so picky? I've always taught my kids You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit- I guess other people must have short order cooks in their kitchen so each kid can have their food just how they want it. Not in my house.

Saturday: What did we do Saturday? Went shopping as a family. Good times. It still boggles my mind at how many times we get stopped when we go out with the twins. Comments on the stroller and how small the boys are. I guess this is what the Stars must feel like when they have to put on a fake smile and a show for the Paps (paparazzi for short-Duh!). Funny how people still ask me if the boys are twins- how could they not be? Unless I decided to steal my neighbors baby who just happens to look exactly like my son- or lets see- no they are just brothers who are 9 mos apart and are the exact same size?! I think not. Its comical when they say oh they are identical are they twins? Hmmm.... I would love to have a bell with me I could ring and be like "Ding Ding you win the Captain Obvious Award of the day! Hooray!)
All in all I got some cute Capri pants and Bermuda shorts out of the trip- too bad it has been crappy weather ever since and I haven't been able to wear them! (just my luck)

Sunday: We went to church. (gasp! and the walls didn't come crumbling down either!) Drove up to the next town and got some Starbucks as a nice little Mommy/Daddy pick me up and all kids were calm and quiet in the car! Loved it! Then we just hung around the house and spent the day watching movies. Ya ya boring I know but you have to have a day of R&R right? (Although from taking Sunday off it means I will now have to do the laundry during the week!)

Monday: Yay Holiday! Oh wait- I am a stay at home Mom- I don't celebrate holidays- it just means I have the kids home and have to come up with things for them to do! Chugo had a Cub Scouts event and luckily it didn't rain on us while we were there. They had a Memorial service at the Veterans Memorial here in town. It was neat. The National Guard was there and shot off a couple rounds and even let the scouts hold the guns and try on the Kevlar vests. They had a fly over but it was too cloudy so all you could hear was the jet engines whizzing overhead. Moments like those remind you how lucky we are to live where we do and have the ability to do all we are allowed to do. (hopefully you followed me through that little bit there.)

So there you have it. The weekend Recap. Hope you all had a good one as well!


angie said...

Enjoy those comments! Once the twins get older (like 2) people stop commenting as much......I get a lot more done now! I remember trying not to make eye contact because I knew I'd be stopped!

Bonnie said...

The twin are so cute. They are so young. I forget that once and a while. I am glad they are growing fast and doing so well.
On another note We are all so blessed to live in a country that has the freedoms and privlidges we do. I realize things aren't all perfect. They are better than a lot of others.