Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1 Shot..2 Shots..3 Shots... More?!

The twins had their 6 mos check up today. (funny how they are almost 8 mos now- but hey I can't help it that the doctor is so busy I have to wait longer to get in!) The boys are doing fabulous! Getting so big! The staff in the office are so surprised at how the boys have really beefed up! *wink
Moose is now 15.14lbs (almost 16 yay!)
Bus is now 15.3lbs
and both boys measure in at 26 inches long!
I spoke with the doc to get her take on when to start rice cereal and all that jazz seeing as the boys just barely starting taking 6 oz bottles. (and even then don't always finish them)
As far as she was concerned they could start at anytime now that they have hit that 6 mos mark. (and are almost 6 mos adjusted age.) I have the cereal in my cupboard I'm just hesitant at the idea of starting something new right now. (shots remember!)
So yes they each got three... count them 3! shots. OY VA!
Fever and crankiness ensues!
I think I should take up stock in tylenol.. what do you think?!
They were both sleepy by the time the nurse came in for the shots. I'm such a terrible Mom, I wanted to cry they were both asleep and were awoken by the stinging of needles in their thighs!

Kata has had ear infections since birth. We never know what brings them on just that he gets them. good times. So this morning he complained his ear was bugging him. (he has been complaining on and off for a week- but it was just an annoyance he said not really painful- and he kept changing which ear was hurting. I thought maybe it was attention driven because after he and I hung out for a bit and snuggled he was fine.) Needless to say while we had the twins in for their appointment I just asked if the Doc could take two quick secs and check out his ears. One was Iffy the other fine. So he is either in the beginning stages of infection or the tail end. All I know is we get the scripts filled and he's taking the meds. Murphy's Law right- two uncomfortable twins with shots and a wee lad with ear infection. Now if Chugo comes home from school with something I think I will scream! (did I happen to mention he has been coughing lately! Please oh please lets not all get sick this spring!)


Homegrown Tribe said...

They are so cute! Glad the dr. appointment went well.


Kate said...

Oh shots, ughness. Yeh, that is hard. Hope the boys feel better now. They ARE getting big all right! Crazy how fast they grow. My girls grew quick, now they are slowing WAY down. Getting more active and all.

Good luck starting the rice cereal when you get around to doing it. Our girls hated it when we first tried. The second time they would only eat it if it was with bananas and made with formula. Now they eat it with just water.

Lyndsey said...

Hey mama.. I am right with ya on the 6 month check up at almost 8 months! I hate all the shots they have to get too! I try and space them apart and go in on different days...

We started the girls on cereal when they were adjusted 5 mo.. and it took them a while to get the 'hang of it'.. it was quite fun to watch though :)

Can you believe it has already been 8 months since you and I sat in our hospital beds for so many weeks.. days.. hours.. and minutes.. searching everything we possibly could on the internet .. and reading every post on the mo mo website.. haha.. so glad it is all over!

Connie said...

Shots just suck don't they? Your boys are darling. I can't believe your boys are 8 months old already!!