Monday, May 5, 2008

Rage against the Weed...

Now your probably thinking isn't it suppose to be Rage against the Machine? (Ok well maybe your not thinking that- But I know the HUB is!)
The sun is out. Its about time! So how does one garden with twins? (That answer I am still working on.) I admit its been a bit of a challenge-Luckily I have two older sons that adore me (HAHA.. On occassion) and help me out! Chugo is a huge help and is really actually in tune with the twins. I overheard him telling Kata that Bus only likes the toys he can get into his mouth and he was upset because Kata had given him a toy to play with and not to suck on.
So, I'm getting away from my point here-Back to it-
Gardening. *Sigh* I love to garden. I can't say I'm amazing at it but I try. When I went inpatient last year in August- Nothing got done. (To the hubs defense he was a wee bit busy with work- running a household- and worrying about and visiting me)
Then when I got home it was rush rush to the hospital everyday for the twins and pulling weeds and cutting back was far from my agenda.
This brings me to present- Can you say Holy Dandelion Amazon Batman!? I have never seen so many HUGE weeds before. I am a fan of nature- but weeds, as of late, seem to be my arch nemesis! It has taken me three days now to get just one of my flower beds weeded. (Now granted I can only do like 30-1hour and a time if I am lucky.)
I've also taken to bribery! At this point, with all my sons and the money I've been forking over you might as well call me the Godmother. (har har get it) I think I have my own little mafia goin on here. (Even the laundry money to prove it!) <---Boy aren't I Mrs. Witty today!

Weeds. The will not defeat me. If I try to get some more done each night then perhaps this weekend I can go and get my flowers and bushes and roses! YAY! Then my front yard won't look like the jungles of lawndom. (For I know the gal who used to live in my house is just driving by daily in tears looking at her once gorgeous yard that is now a graveyard of shrubbery.)
What doesn't defeat us only makes us stronger eh?!


Tracy said...

I have the same problem - I was kinda hoping that they would at least be 'pretty' weeds with purple flowers or something - not just very ugly weed looking . . . weeds. Too bad we couldn't trade babysitting & weeding times!!! My daughter suggested we get a goat, hmmmmmm

Bonnie the Boss said...

I love to garden too. I put in a veggie garden every year.
My suggestion is swings, with seat belts. Or, a play pen with lots of toys in the bottom. Then throw jelly beans at them and they can search for them in the bottom of the toys. It should keep them busy for a while. I did this with my second child when I wanted to scrapbook. I

Jocasta said...

Oh to garden - it's been a long time for me and I used to really love it. I keep thinking maybe next summer (I'm not very good in the cold!)

Lyndsey said...

Well it sounds like your house looks just like mine! Atleast my mother in law pulled out all of my deade plants.. but now I am left with empty wholes in all of my pots.. have I replaced them.. NO.. I have considered just getting fake ones.. and sticking them in the ground.. but even dusting them off with a hose once a year might take up too much time.. just kidding.. kind of :)