Friday, August 29, 2008

..*~One Year Ago Today~*..

*Dinner to Celebrate finding out your pregnant with twins: $80

*Setting up the nursery for two: $500

*Hospital bill totals for long inpatient stay and two babies: $400,000+

*Monthly Supply of Diapers and Formula: $150

*Knowing that you have two healthy & Vibrant babies: Priceless!

Today marks the One year anniversary of my inpatient stay. Hard to believe that One year ago I went into the hospital nervous as can be at 25 wks pregnant. I knew I would be in for the long haul and was hoping to get to that magic 32 wks gestation in order to give my babies the best possible chance at life. Saying goodbye to Chugo and Kata and my absolutely amazing husband was the hardest thing for me, But I knew that we were doing the right thing, the best thing for our unborn twins. I was blessed with an amazing team of nurses and was able to develop a bond with everyone. I am so glad its over, but looking back today, one year ago... I don't know how I did it. Thank you God for the gift you have given our family. These amazing sweet miracle babies have brought so much to our family.
We are truly blessed!!


angie said...

LOVe, Love, Loved this post. PRICELESS.

Connie said...

Great post!! I can't believe it's been a year already...that just flew by didn't it?

Tracy said...

wow - it is always crazy looking back. You look GREAT!!!

Bonnie the Boss said...

You look so amazingly good! Great post!

Laura said...

I can't believe its been a year. Congrats on making it through that journey!

Churchill said...

What a year! It is amazing how the time flies. Soon you will have two little one year old twin terrors on your hands!

girlytwins said...

You were so cute. I wish I had taken more pics while pregggers. I guess that was the one thing I was afraid of.

Definitely priceless.

Lyndsey mae said...

Erin.. Your words bring tears to my eyes.. just passing the One year mark from my inpateint stay too I can't even put into words the emotions it brings back. Almost as if reliving it and having to shake my head to get back into reality and fast forward to one year later.. Thinking to my self its over.. they are here.. they are healthy..

Thanks for your post and being such a WONDERFUL inpatient buddy with me :)