Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Montana... (Part Two)

We went to the Fair. Oh... the fair! Its the big Rodeo and carnival combined. Granted our kids had no desire whatsoever to see the Rodeo, they were all about the rides! They kept chatting about which ones they would be able to ride and all the good carnival food they could eat and who was going to pay for what. (believe it or not they were divvying costs up themselves seeing as they had been saving money for months in preparation for our trip. They assumed the only reason we were going to MT was to go to the fair! *wink) I think they pretty much ruptured my ear drums when I explained that Mom and Dad had the costs covered and they could spend there money on other things!
I missed the small town fairs, I didn't however, miss the carnies!

Kata & Chugo Jumping on the bungee cords! Both the older boys got a shot at it and had a blast- they even did front and back flips! (I almost had a heart attack watching!)

We even got both of them doing it on video!

Here is one of me waiting on line for the Tilt O Whirl with my best friends son, my sister's bf's daughter and Kata. We had a whirl of a good time! *wink

We all had a wonderful time riding on the rides and the boys even got their traditional ride on the ferris wheel with Papa! We never even made it home until well after midnight!
Needless to say this last photo speaks for itself!



Debra said...

FUN!!! The bungie cord thing would have had my heart skipping beats!! I LOVE small town fairs. We just had ours and it was FAB!

Bonnie the Boss said...

So cute!! Sleepy boys. My kids enjoyed the fair too.Paying for things themselves is always a good idea.