Monday, March 31, 2008

ScRaP hApPy

I'm a madwoman, I swear it!
So my bro in law and his wife just celebrated their 1 yr anniversary today and I decided that I would scrap some candid photos from their wedding into an album. (I started this a couple days ago as I'm not that talented to get it done in one day!) What a nice thought you may think, well sure I thought so too until I had two screaming babies attached to me practically the entire time! BUT- I did it! I think it turned out pretty nice and its the thought that counts right?! (although I may have scrapped myself out in the process..I'll need to recoup!)<--on a bonus note now I get to go shopping to replenish supplies! whoohoo!
I tried to remember back to our first yr anniversary and I couldn't do it! Guess that is what happens when you've spent over a decade with someone! (Crazy that I've spent more of my life married than I have being single!)
Thursday marks six months that I've been blessed with miracle twins! I can't believe its been that long already! Their getting sooo big and rolling everywhere! I will need a gate soon! (but I'll write more on that tomorrow!)
......*sigh* feeding time and babies wait for no one!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Don Tito!

Happy birthday to my baby brother! We Love Ya Man!!

As always when my brother comes to visit he is spoiled rotten when it comes to food fare! I had to go to three different grocery stores to find baby back ribs, not to mention the ham, cheese and mushroom omelets for breakfast (good thing he was patient enough to wait until babies were fed and pumping time was done) & afternoon Caesars (mmmmm)! I can't complain as I'm the one that enables it! (I love spoiling my family!)
Anyways, 26 years ago you were born and Dad brought us to the hospital to see you and Mom and we each got presents from you, I got a Strawberry Shortcake ring! (Well it was actually Blueberry Muffin and it turned my finger green but it was the best ring ever! ~Well until my wedding ring that is! Wink)

So Cheers to you! You may have been "Raised by Women" but you turned out just fine! XOXO


Happy Easter All!

Well according to Martha Stewart we will not have this early of an Easter for another 150 yrs!
It was so wonderful to be able to have my mother here to Celebrate with us AND my brother was over from Seattle as well! (His birthday was on Mon. the big 26! what a wee bab! Wink)
We dyed a whooping 47 eggs this year! (Needless to say the Bunny got pretty creative this year hiding eggs.) Well to be quite honest we started out with 60, but has some casualties during the boiling process and then Liam decided he would... I dunno.. speed dye eggs and cracked another who knows how many! It was fun and my brother really got into it! He is so great with the boys, he will really make some woman a lucky lady one day! (He was raised by four ladies so of course he is a wonderboy!)
I love having my family around me. I feel complete I guess you could say. I only wished my two sisters and Father could have been here as well but oh well, I'm not complaining! (We're trying to get all of us together one of these years for Christmas!)Had a huge ham and all the fixins!
I love the holidays!!

Dying Easter Eggs!

Camping Goodies YAY!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chuck Norris And The Fight Against Cocaine

Well, I woke up this morning feeling like I never even fell asleep! I had this terrible dream and by terrible I don't mean nightmarish, I mean just that- terrible! Chuck Norris and Chuck Liddell (of the UFC) were these crime fighting crazies with indestructible suits and cars. They were out to get every Cocaine dealer and factory in the world. I was the viewer in the dream, like I was overseeing everything happen and did not take part in it. There was even a part in it where they had surrounded the bad guys in the woods and it just so happen to be in the middle of an autistic camp gathering- and man those folks can fight! The Smack dealers really under estimated them!
Yeah so its meaning.. who knows other than I really need to sleep more! (Although early in the afternoon yesterday my mom and I had been talking about autism and how there had been a certain ingredient in an older version of an immunization that was thought to have been linked to causing autism in children and a huge lawsuit going on.. so at least I know how that fits into my dream..but I can't figure out the rest)
I don't usually write down my dreams but this was just too funny to not!

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

St. Pat's day if filled with green everything, corn beef, cabbage and salt potatoes, and lets not forget the annual viewing of Darby O'Gill and the Little People, but its also about togetherness. (Well at least in our family.) I love knowing the holidays are coming up and how each of my kids gets excited about it and remembers the traditional things we do on that day. (Kata was up dressed in green and hunting for the movie in the closet before I could even wish him a happy day!) I got to thinking about the future and how the boys are growing up so fast and wondered if the time would would come that they wouldn't care about the traditions or even hanging with the family. (well maybe not if it would come but more "when" it would come) It's inevitable, preteen years are just barely a year away and then the innocence is gone and they think they know it all. Why are kids so quick to grow up? Don't they know that once your an adult all you want to be again is a kid? Well.. in light of keeping the boys kids (HAHA) I took photos of all in green!

Ethan had his toy bin out and I thought that I would see if the twins fit, just for fun, and sure enough they did! (its a good thing they are such great sports! *wink)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mothering style

So I took the test above to find that my style is an Elephant. (Hey an elephant never forgets eh?! wink) I'm pretty happy with my results! See what you are and post!

ELEPHANT - Elephant moms are very independent and gifted when it comes to remembering all their family's activities and events. They have a great knack for organization and are able to manage careers, keep their homes clean, get their kids to school on time, and look great through it all.

Super K and the Purse Caper!

Twins don't allow much time for me to get on here anymore which is saddening but what do you do! My mom will be leaving soon and I'm getting that (in the pit of my stomach) "OMG what am I going to do!" feeling. We went to the Doc for our 4 mos check up and the twins are just great! (well might be getting colds ugh! but more on that later) Bus is 12.10lbs and Moose is up to 13.7! Hard to believe that they were at one time smaller than 4 lbs! Time flies... *sigh*
So we had to sit down the older boys and tell them how it was super important for them to wash wash wash their hands and not get too close in the babies faces cuz we don't want to be spreading germs. (they both have coughs and runny noses right now) Kata turns to me after listening intently and says, "I'm getting the babies sick because I'm sick aren't I mom?" Sooo sweet he is! He is such a good older brother (well unless you count the times where he wants to launch one of the boys off his lap and onto the floor to see if he can fly! He wouldn't really do it, BUT.. the wheels in his head are turning you can see it and if I wasn't right there watching he might just in fact see if it would work!)
Speaking of Kata, while I was working on a project (involving material) he decided to get out his batch of play material and make himself a cape. He cut and cut and there were pieces of material sprawled all over the living room floor! He asked Dad for a safety pin and before you know it he had turned himself into Super K! (red caped and all!) He ran around in circles and then yelled at the dog that "stealing that womans purse was wrong!"
My evil doing dog better watch out! LOL
Ohh to be young and carefree! Maybe I should take some lesson from him?!
(I'll have to get a photo of him up!)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Parker Oh Parker!!

My favorite neurotic actress of ALL times (seriously I love her quirkiness and have honestly watched Party Girl like every week of my life!) is in a new series called The Return Of Jezebel James. She plays an overly organized (anal) children's book editor who decides she wants a baby but can't so talks her sister into carrying the baby for her! The first episode was a little choppy they tried to introduce to many characters at once but the second one was much better. Yay! I don't even care if it is good or not I just like the idea of knowing I get to see Parker every week at 8pm! whoohoo! (And most of you who know me know how amazingly giddy and excited I am about this! LOL Ohhhh I'm a wee bit on the pathetic side but its ok! I totally own up to it! Wink)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just to catch up but nothing really to say..

MIA for a bit? Yeah I guess you could say that. I've been here, just no time to really get online. (Who am I kidding there is no time to do anything!) My best friend came and went (we had a really great visit and even went to a spa to get pedis! oh la la) My mom is getting ready to head home at months end and I find myself sitting here wondering what the heck I am going to do with myself when she leaves. Guess it will all work out somehow!
Don't even know why I am posting tonight seeing as I don't even have anything to say- Guess I just wanted there to be less of a lapse in the time. So now.. I can post up to date hooray!
Lets hope the twins sleep well tonight- Lord knows I could use a good nights rest!