Monday, March 24, 2008


Happy Easter All!

Well according to Martha Stewart we will not have this early of an Easter for another 150 yrs!
It was so wonderful to be able to have my mother here to Celebrate with us AND my brother was over from Seattle as well! (His birthday was on Mon. the big 26! what a wee bab! Wink)
We dyed a whooping 47 eggs this year! (Needless to say the Bunny got pretty creative this year hiding eggs.) Well to be quite honest we started out with 60, but has some casualties during the boiling process and then Liam decided he would... I dunno.. speed dye eggs and cracked another who knows how many! It was fun and my brother really got into it! He is so great with the boys, he will really make some woman a lucky lady one day! (He was raised by four ladies so of course he is a wonderboy!)
I love having my family around me. I feel complete I guess you could say. I only wished my two sisters and Father could have been here as well but oh well, I'm not complaining! (We're trying to get all of us together one of these years for Christmas!)Had a huge ham and all the fixins!
I love the holidays!!

Dying Easter Eggs!

Camping Goodies YAY!