Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Official!

I'm happy to announce that my Christmas shopping is DONE!

Oh yes, you heard me right! Done... D-O-N-E!

Now I just have to: get it all wrapped, shipped, tracked, and thank the stars above that it all arrives on time!


Break out the Prosecco cuz Mama's gonna celebrate! (Ok so perhaps my celebration is a wee premature.. but hey.. we all need little incentives to keep going! WINK)

Until next time....

Monday, December 7, 2009

Its a sad sad thing...

Truly... I am lame. There is not even an excuse for it.

SEVEN months and no posts. (hrmph)

A lot of time has past. And while I would love to show you everything that has happened, I'm apparently *NOT* very good at keeping my word. (my word, as in saying that I will actually come on here and actually blog about the happenings of the fam.)

I DO keep my word, maybe I should state instead that I can't seem to keep my "cyber word"

So for all of you out there who have been wondering where I have been and giving me swift kicks in the butt... I'm here I promise, I'm just not here here apparently!

I won't even do my usual.. I will be good and keep up with posts cuz who knows if it will happen.

BUT I will say that my laptop went kaput and I had to reinstall everything onto a desktop and I found my way back here.

So while I continue to install numerous programs onto my computer I will think of something clever and wordy to post. Perhaps I should even change up the blog a bit with fresh new look?
(wow now I am really talking out my ass! But hey it sounds like a good plan in my head!)

Wish me luck... cuz as you've seen before time and time again... I obviously need some!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Feature Friday!

Well our next feature would have to be the twins' baptism!

They were baptized on Feb 22,2009
It was a private baptism right after mass. The twins were wonderful despite the ceremony interfering with their usual daily routine. (they thrive on a set schedule and boy oh boy watch out when we divert from the set schedule! wink)

the boys in their baptismal outfits relaxing

Griffin getting baptized!

Oliver getting baptized!

I think that photos always tell more than the words on with the pictorial!

We ate ribs and all the yummy fixins that go along with them!
(as you can see only one baby is pictured here... the other was napping!)

Then we ate Cake! I made the cake and I thought it turned out OK. (seeing as I was rushed because what mom isn't running around like a crazy woman on big days like these?)
As you can see we were slowly losing poor Bus. He posed for the picture and he was done. Literally. His day had been crazy and napping not at the normal times, as while I would love to tell you all the day was utterly and totally fabulous- I would be lying. So for posterity reasons I will note that Bus pitched the biggest fit that day that any of my children ever had. It continued for 1. 1/2 hrs! Needless to say he and I were both exhausted by days end. From that day on I realized the importance of keeping as close to our daily schedule as possible no matter how hard it is! *Wink

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

At the end of the day- upset sleepy boys, hysterical Mom, and of course a 10 yr old boy wielding a camera... sigh... you gotta love being caught in your crazy Mom moments!

Happy Mother's Day to You All!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Feature Friday!

So its Friday! Hooray! And I thought to help me catch up on so much "back postings" that I *should* have done, I will start doing a feature story each Friday! (In the hopes that I will catch up somehow- now the only problem is where to begin?! *sigh)

So I think I will start with Scout Crossovers first seeing as I believe that was the first major event to happen since my *falling out* <--Ugh it sounds soooo horrible!

So now.. I bring you... Feature Friday: Scout Crossover!

(did you happen to notice that I started each paragraph with so? Haha.. I noticed too but instead of editing and taking it out- I thought I would leave it in, you know, so the future me could see my lack of skills! Wink)

Scouting has been a big thing in our family lately. With both Chugo and Kata in it its hard for it to NOT be a big thing. Chugo had just started scouts in May of 08. The crossover was in Feb. 09. Yes dates blah blah.. my point in telling you this timeframe is that within the 9mos since starting scouts he earned all 20 webelos activity badges and received the heavy shoulder award! I was so proud of him. He had so much catching up to do with the other boys and did it in no time!

For those of you who aren't familiar with the scouting world... Crossing over means leaving Cub Scouts and entering into Boy Scouts. They had a big ceremony called the Blue and Gold. After dinner and cake (yum!) They had the crossover ceremony and it was so wonderful to see Chugo entering into this new arena. He was so proud of himself that I had one of those, "Omg don't be a tard and cry" moments that we so often find ourselves in as Mothers.

With out further ado I give you Chugo... The Boy Scout Boy Wonder!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

We represent the Lollipop Guild and We wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sigh... I dunno how many times I am going to have to promise to make time for this.. but here we go again... round two.. BING

I'm back!
I'd like to say for good, but well my track record isn't looking so hot. It has been quite some time since my last post and about a bazillion things have happened since then!

for example:

Chugo made his First Communion, crossed over to boy scouts and is now starting up baseball.
Kata got his tonsils out and is in scouts and also has started baseball
(baseball is seems keeps up busy almost every evening during the week and on the weekends too!)
Moose and Bus have hit the 18 mos milestone YAY! they were also baptized in Feb!

My parents came for the holidays and stayed through the winter- just having left a couple weeks ago! :( It was so wonderful to have all the extra hands around the house thats for sure!

AND... drum roll please... the super gates have been taken down and the twins have free range of the living room and dining room! The place has become somewhat of a large playroom I have to admit. I do try to clean it up umpteen times during the day but I swear as soon as I turn my back its a mess again! (I know you twin mommies will feel my pain on this one!) We have also had to hide the dining room chairs seeing as our wee monkeys have discovered climbing! I have never baby proofed a house as I did with these two boys! (It amazes me how many safety items are on the market these days- I never would have even guessed the uses of half of them- or even thought they were needed until we took down the gates... and now.. They are MUST HAVES! lol)

But really- its been wonderful. I love to see them growing and coming into their own little people! They are like day and night as far as personalities- which is great as far as helping us to tell them apart!

Well that is about all the time I have for the moment. I will attempt to catch up on each of the aboved mentioned events- Seeing as we have some great pictures of them all!
But until then... I VOW... yes VOW.. to get back on here. I think I need the support!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vampires, Werewolves & Shifters.. OH MY!

I've fallen down the dark path.. Yes, sigh.. I never thought it would happen but it has, and I blame it all on Sara!! Wink

She kept on and on and on about these books. Twilight (*gasp* I know right!?). So I finally gave in and read them. I couldn't put them down. It was one right after the other until I came to book three and she had loaned it out to someone else! I ended up making my husband go find a copy for me somewhere. (He went to multiple stores and they were all out! about suck!) But now, thanks to both Christmas and my birthday I am the proud owner of the entire set!

So, what does one do after the Edward and Bella saga is over? Cry, mourn?! NO!! You find the next series of undead books to suck you! Luckily I had fallen for True Blood. It was a series that premiered on HBO this past year and as quirky as it was, I loved it.
While on a quest to the Library to find something good, I happened to stumble across the Sookie Stackhouse series, which.. YAY ME.. was the books that True Blood was based on!

So, 7 books later and waiting on the 8th to come into the library (-its on hold and I never ever imagined myself being one of those people that put a book on hold so as soon as the person checked it back in I could go get it! ....desperate housewife? or maybe just book nut!? I dunno.. but I've become that lady!)

I've happened upon a couple of other books that might peak that crazy undead interest but any other recommendations would be great! After all I am in this new "spoiling me with reading" phase! Wink

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Life gets hectic and life gets crazy. It throws you around and drags you by your hair (sometimes..)
It can be great or it can be boring. (I've yet to find it boring, but I'm still waiting!)

My point of this post (well yes, I AM getting that I promise! Wink) I've been busy. Well OK perhaps busy is a wee bit of an understatement, or well on some days I guess that could be more seen as an overstatement- but I think you catch my drift. The twins are mobile in a BIG way.

The following is a statement from my tiny twosome=
We run , we climb and we never seem to go in the same direction. We don't sleep through the night, we are up about every 1 and a half hours (sometimes Mommy gets lucky and gets two straight hours of sleep- but that's rare especially now that we are teething- yep FOUR teeth all at once- each of us!) We worry mommy with our small size and well lately the lady can't seem to cook anything that even remotely seems appealing to us. (We just don't understand why she thinks we can't live on baby cheese puffs and bananas alone?) We like to play with each other, although we just learned how to push and fight. Thank goodness we have big brothers to watch and take notes from! Life for us... its a breeze! (especially now that we know how to pitch a fit and throw ourselves onto the floor kicking and screaming!)

So I guess you can see now why my posts have been lacking in numbers. I can't believe it has been a month now since my last one! I would love to say that for posterity purposes I would go back and post about everything that happened over the holidays and into the new year- but well.. I just don't think I for one, have the time, and two I don't know if I can even remember that far back! What was that.. My name you asked? Gees, I'm not at all sure I can remember that either! Wink

Onto a new future, One where I don't put as much pressure on myself to get everything done in the day. One that lets me sit back and read a book, or slack off on my blog and not feel amazingly guilty that everyone else seems to be able to write a bazillion posts (that I find the time to read by the way) and I write none. There is 24 hours in a day, somewhere in that time-frame has to be some time for me? I guess I just have to find where it is! SMILE

So cheers to the day and I'm raising my martini glass full of fabulous lemondrop goodness to you all- I welcome myself back to the blogging world- and here's to hoping I can find my 'me' time and stick with it!!