Monday, March 31, 2008

ScRaP hApPy

I'm a madwoman, I swear it!
So my bro in law and his wife just celebrated their 1 yr anniversary today and I decided that I would scrap some candid photos from their wedding into an album. (I started this a couple days ago as I'm not that talented to get it done in one day!) What a nice thought you may think, well sure I thought so too until I had two screaming babies attached to me practically the entire time! BUT- I did it! I think it turned out pretty nice and its the thought that counts right?! (although I may have scrapped myself out in the process..I'll need to recoup!)<--on a bonus note now I get to go shopping to replenish supplies! whoohoo!
I tried to remember back to our first yr anniversary and I couldn't do it! Guess that is what happens when you've spent over a decade with someone! (Crazy that I've spent more of my life married than I have being single!)
Thursday marks six months that I've been blessed with miracle twins! I can't believe its been that long already! Their getting sooo big and rolling everywhere! I will need a gate soon! (but I'll write more on that tomorrow!)
......*sigh* feeding time and babies wait for no one!