Saturday, March 15, 2008

Super K and the Purse Caper!

Twins don't allow much time for me to get on here anymore which is saddening but what do you do! My mom will be leaving soon and I'm getting that (in the pit of my stomach) "OMG what am I going to do!" feeling. We went to the Doc for our 4 mos check up and the twins are just great! (well might be getting colds ugh! but more on that later) Bus is 12.10lbs and Moose is up to 13.7! Hard to believe that they were at one time smaller than 4 lbs! Time flies... *sigh*
So we had to sit down the older boys and tell them how it was super important for them to wash wash wash their hands and not get too close in the babies faces cuz we don't want to be spreading germs. (they both have coughs and runny noses right now) Kata turns to me after listening intently and says, "I'm getting the babies sick because I'm sick aren't I mom?" Sooo sweet he is! He is such a good older brother (well unless you count the times where he wants to launch one of the boys off his lap and onto the floor to see if he can fly! He wouldn't really do it, BUT.. the wheels in his head are turning you can see it and if I wasn't right there watching he might just in fact see if it would work!)
Speaking of Kata, while I was working on a project (involving material) he decided to get out his batch of play material and make himself a cape. He cut and cut and there were pieces of material sprawled all over the living room floor! He asked Dad for a safety pin and before you know it he had turned himself into Super K! (red caped and all!) He ran around in circles and then yelled at the dog that "stealing that womans purse was wrong!"
My evil doing dog better watch out! LOL
Ohh to be young and carefree! Maybe I should take some lesson from him?!
(I'll have to get a photo of him up!)