Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chuck Norris And The Fight Against Cocaine

Well, I woke up this morning feeling like I never even fell asleep! I had this terrible dream and by terrible I don't mean nightmarish, I mean just that- terrible! Chuck Norris and Chuck Liddell (of the UFC) were these crime fighting crazies with indestructible suits and cars. They were out to get every Cocaine dealer and factory in the world. I was the viewer in the dream, like I was overseeing everything happen and did not take part in it. There was even a part in it where they had surrounded the bad guys in the woods and it just so happen to be in the middle of an autistic camp gathering- and man those folks can fight! The Smack dealers really under estimated them!
Yeah so its meaning.. who knows other than I really need to sleep more! (Although early in the afternoon yesterday my mom and I had been talking about autism and how there had been a certain ingredient in an older version of an immunization that was thought to have been linked to causing autism in children and a huge lawsuit going on.. so at least I know how that fits into my dream..but I can't figure out the rest)
I don't usually write down my dreams but this was just too funny to not!