Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Need I Say More?

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In all the rush I forgot to add that Bus was home 5 days before Moose and we were sooo not prepared. I had gone to visit the twins and missed the nurses call so when I get there she says Oli is ready to go home do you have everything? I was seriously like WTF? are you kidding me? So long story short we got him home at 9pm that night and i cried the whole way home as I was excited for him coming home but so upset that I had to leave Moose there :(
But they are both home now and its been amazing! Best Thanksgiving present ever!! (And we have sooo much to be thankful for!)
I have little to no sleep its insane! When I'm not feeding the boys I'm pumping and when I'm not doing that I'm feeding the boys!! LOL
I'll try and get on to post when I can but I'm pretty much thinking it may be awhile. If you don't hear from me fear not.. I have not dropped off the face of this earth, I am merely getting into a routine with two of the teeniest sweeties around! Chugo and Kata are thrilled to finally have the boys home especially seeing as that means mom gets to hang around the house more and is not always rushing off to the hospital! Kata said to me yesterday," Mom your belly is getting smaller and you have a lap again! Did you do that for me?" He so misses out snuggle time in the big recliner! One day my lap will be my own again but for now it is the property of four of the greatest boys ever!<-- MINE!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Moose Comes Home!!

Moose waves his last goodbyes to the staff as he sets off to come home to be reunited with his brother and gets to know the rest of the family!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Back together again! Still in separate isolettes but getting closer to cobedding. This is the first time I've been able to hold them together!! Feels sooooo good!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Feeding & Growing

The twins are doing great and are now on the feeder grower side of the NICU. This is huge as we are preparing them for coming home! (well once they get bigger and can eat all their feeds, have no apnic spells and maintain their own temp!) Its been crazy here and I am so tired, trying to heal. But its been worth it!

This is Moose in his very first outfit!

Bus all comfy cozy swaddled up. still on O2 but weaning off slowly!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kata Turns 6!


6 years old is such a great age! Kata has always been into a bit of the dramatic, so when he informed me that we would be having a monsters dress up party I wasn't surprised! He went as Count Dracula (and even had the teeth!)
As I was still fresh out of the hospital, but still practically living there with my daily visits, he settled on a family party as long as we all dressed up! And we did!

So here is to you my sweet boy of six- Thank you for your great smiles and your awesome imagination! You've brought light to my life and remind me daily of how fun it is to be a kid again! (And thanks for always making me the star female hero in your life!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Emotions Run High

Our NICU Journey has Begun and so far... its been a doozy. I feel like such an outsider in my sons care. (Not to mention their lives.) Its so hard to see them hooked up to these machines that are breathing for them. Both boys are heavily sedated and it makes me want to cry. Their second night of life Bus had a Pnuemothorax. (it short a hole in his lungs) So he needed to have a chest tube put in so it would let the air out of his chest that had collected. The Hub had the unfortunate experience of having been present when they were doing the surgery. We were not told that it was being performed until he went down there and saw it. (they were going to tell us after they relieved the pressure.) Then we got the call in the hospital room that Moose needed one.
Two days later we were awoken by One of the NICU docs to tell us that Bus needed another one. He explained how it was rare to have more than two so we shouldn't worry and how the staff was just baffled as to the immaturity of the boys' lungs. (Seeing as I had two rounds of steroid shots to help with their lung maturity before giving birth- plus I was 30.5 weeks when I gave birth which was suppose to have given the boys an even better chance lung maturity wise.)
As if the boys had been in competition we got yet another call that Moose needed a second tube. I cried all night. How could these sweet boys be having to go through so much in such a short time in their lives? During this time I was the pumping queen. Seeing as I didn't have the sweet babies to get that milk flowing- Bessie.. My "milker" became my best friend. (One night when I was on my pain meds I kid you not that machine started talking to me and it repeated Budapest over and over again! Ohhhh drugs!)
When my milk finally came in I was so excited to get wheeled down to the NICU to drop off my bottle for the boys (not that they would be eating anytime soon but it would be frozen until the time came) and we were sideswiped with a consent form to preform a blood transfusion on Bus. My eyes started to sting and though I fought it, the tears came. I couldn't believe that this was happening. I couldn't wrap my mind around the thought of having someone elses blood run through my 3 day old son. (Needless to say the Hub slept next to me until I calmed down that night.)
After our arrival home Bus needed yet one more chest tube (yes that makes three if your keeping track!) and had a Level 1-2 brain bleed while Moose had to be put under the bili lights due to jaundice.

*sigh* Its been rough. *tear*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

-And So It Begins-

They're Here!!

Bus and Moose were born October 3 2007 at 10:19 & 10:20 am. I was 30 weeks into the pregnancy. They had put me onto 24 hour monitoring after I had gotten a strange illness, had an allergic reaction to one of the vitamins they were giving me and started slowly dilating. So One moment the Docs were talking about me making it 32 wks and perhaps going onto 34 and within 24 hours they woke me up in the morning to tell me that baby b was having decels and they were concerned with the patterns and all the docs spoke and felt it best to take the babies that morning (within the hour) as they felt they had a good chance at survival. Funny how just a couple days before I was complaining about being pregnant and being huge and how I was ready to have them at any tell. Well needless to say when they told me I started to cry and told them I had only been joking and I wasn't really ready to give birth yet! So I called up the Hub to tell him today was the day (at 6am and he is not a morning person mind you!) and he was there ASAP. (well within 30 mins seeing as thats how far of a drive it is from our house.) Super Hub all ready for the OR.

So they prepped me for surgery...

And away we went to meet the twins! I've never had a bloody nose, broken bone. let alone a major surgery so I was freaking out. If you've never had a C-section before they prep you and get your anesthesia all in place before they let your husband in the room! HELLO! I cried, yeah yeah call me a wimp but the thought of getting a needle stuck in my back worried me. Speaking of... I ended up having to get TWO spinals as the first one didn't take and only one side of my body was numb. They kept pricking me with a needle to see if I could feel it and I could. I thought I was psyching myself out but I knew I could feel it. I started to panic and asked if maybe they should just knock me out cuz I definitely didn't want to feel this! Finally they got me numb and the Hub was allowed into the OR. He was so calm and collected. He held my hand and gently stroked my head which was very calming- And in classic Hubby fashion he cracked jokes to lighten the mood. (He had the OR team laughing.)

Bus (formerly Baby A) was born first. I heard his teeny little cry and I started to well up with tears of excitement. His second action of life was to pee on the doctors! They all laughed and told me how great he looked and sounded.
Moose was next and I wasn't even aware he had come out. They assured me he was ok just needed some help in the breathing department. It took 75 mins from start to finish and then I was wheeled over to the postop room for 2 hours.

Bus 3.5 lbs 15 1/2 in Moose 3.4 lbs. 15 1/2 in

I spent 4 days in the hospital and then was discharged to go home and finish recouping there. If you have never had to leave a baby at the hospital it is heart wrenching. (let alone two babies!) Then the NICU journey began...(deep breath)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

And the weekend ends...

Sunday evening and sitting in my hospital bed watching the end of the VMA's (Video Music Awards for those of you who are even more clueless than me!) reminded me just how old I am! Some of the people they were showcasing I wasn't even sure who they were or what they sang. Am I that out of touch nowadays?
Funny thing is that nothing is greater than watching these kinda of shows and commenting on the ladies' hoochie outfits and thinking to myself that after I pop these babies out I'm going to be skinny again and put those ladies to shame! (LOL Thats part sarcasm as: #1 I would never be caught dead in the outfits they prance around in and #2 I won't be *that* skinny again! ~wink)

It was a trying weekend.. the boys didn't want to stay on the monitors all that well and we had a couple of decels which kept me on the monitors that much longer.. my sweet husband and love of my life was out of town and I am really missing home. Looking to the bright side at least this coming Wednesday marks the me being inpatient Two weeks! (yeah go ahead and say time flies but be prepared for me to tell you your full of sh*t!)

I was a good girl last night and wore my sexy robo-legs last night. (thats what Kata calls them) I'm not a super fan but I figure that if i were them a little in the evenings then perhaps the nurses won't give me such a hard time about not wearing them at all times! Who says you need to have blood flow in your legs anyways? *wink

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How it all began..

Who would have thought this time last year I'd be here sitting in the hospital with nothing to do.
Last year, we sold the business, the house and I single handedly moved the family out to Oregon from Montana. I had sooo much to do and so little time- fast forward to this year- and its reverse to so much time and not much to do!
We decided after months of debating that our family just wasn't complete. We knew that there was a third child in the future for us and I of course had been hoping it would be a girl! God works in funny ways, and he Definitely had other plans.
At 7 weeks we found out we were having twins.
At 11 weeks the news turned grim with the Monoamniotic Monochorionic diagnosis of our twins.
At 16 weeks all my dreams of Pink and Princess dresses flew out the window when two Peepee's popped up during the ultrasound. (although I have never seen my youngest son so amazingly happy! He wanted younger brothers to play with... glad I could have obliged! wink)
So up to present... 26 weeks 5 days and sitting pretty in the hospital in hopes of making it to the magical 32 week mark.
So what else does one do while in the hospital?...create a blog!
And with that... the first post is complete and you are officially updated.