Sunday, September 9, 2007

And the weekend ends...

Sunday evening and sitting in my hospital bed watching the end of the VMA's (Video Music Awards for those of you who are even more clueless than me!) reminded me just how old I am! Some of the people they were showcasing I wasn't even sure who they were or what they sang. Am I that out of touch nowadays?
Funny thing is that nothing is greater than watching these kinda of shows and commenting on the ladies' hoochie outfits and thinking to myself that after I pop these babies out I'm going to be skinny again and put those ladies to shame! (LOL Thats part sarcasm as: #1 I would never be caught dead in the outfits they prance around in and #2 I won't be *that* skinny again! ~wink)

It was a trying weekend.. the boys didn't want to stay on the monitors all that well and we had a couple of decels which kept me on the monitors that much longer.. my sweet husband and love of my life was out of town and I am really missing home. Looking to the bright side at least this coming Wednesday marks the me being inpatient Two weeks! (yeah go ahead and say time flies but be prepared for me to tell you your full of sh*t!)

I was a good girl last night and wore my sexy robo-legs last night. (thats what Kata calls them) I'm not a super fan but I figure that if i were them a little in the evenings then perhaps the nurses won't give me such a hard time about not wearing them at all times! Who says you need to have blood flow in your legs anyways? *wink


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Oh, I don't know that you won't be that skinny. I've had 3 kids now (a singleton and the twins) and I still weigh what I weighed before I started having kids and wear a size 4. I'm a little thicker around the belly, but not by too much. So, you'll probably go back to the way you were. I love the robo-legs. I actually liked them when I was in-patient. I thought it felt good to have my legs squeezed every 10 seconds. LOL!