Tuesday, September 30, 2008

....*sigh*....Its ALMOST here!

I made up these announcements as I never had a chance to send out birth announcements once the boys were born. *sigh* It was so hectic as is with all the trips to the NICU and then when were you suppose to celebrate, when they were born or once they got home from the NICU?! It was all so undecided. I vowed that for their first birthday I would send out announcements to announce both their birth and their big day.
Only 3 more days left until they turn one- and I want to cry just thinking about it!
(crying because A- I am excited they are with us today and doing so well B- because I am stressed out about the birthday and the obvious and usual reason for my tears lately C- I am just too darn exhausted!! Wink)

Bobcat.. YAY!

Scouting has been.... an adventure!
Both Chugo and kata have embarked on this adventure- pulling me into the mix of it all! (what a pro I will be once the twins are old enough to join!) We had our first Pack meeting of the year, and while Chugo had already earned his Bobcat badge at the end of the scouting year (right before summer) he didn't get to partake in the ceremony until this last meeting. Not only has he received that badge but as it was mentioned at the meeting, since his joining in May, he has received 11 badges including his Weeblos badge and a compass point! Now, as impressive as this would make me look saying that I helped him earn all of those badges- his scout leader gets all the credit. We did do a lot at home, but she was great about meeting with him to catch him up outside of the meetings! YAY MJ!
(picture is from after the meeting at home before he popped in the shower to wash off that itchy paint! Wink)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yes, its true, I have been MIA for the past couple days (weeks... I dunno I seem to have lost count.)
It all started with school. *sigh* I would have thought starting school would have given me more free time, yet I seem to be so much busier! (whats with that?!)
Soccer four nights a week, cub scouts and homework.. I feel doomed! Did I also mention that the Hub has started playing Handball once a week? (now before you take that the wrong way.. I am super excited that he has started this. I've been telling him for years now that he needed to go out and do something physical/active with his brothers and now he is.. plus then I can get the kids to bed early and go to sleep myself without feeling guilty about not watching tv with him! *smiles)

I've been working on planning the twins' first birthday... Gees, I can't believe it is in a couple weeks already! <--I'll write more about that later!

The weather has just been too nice lately for me to be staying cooped up in the house so I have been a crazy walking mama walking everywhere around town that I can! (I'm sure once the weather turns nasty I will be spending more time on here.)

Thank you to all my readers who still come and check me out when I do post a new post! Also thank you for bugging me and asking me where the heck I am! I'm here.. just slacking!
The twins are doing awesome (to answer your q's) Bus has a whooping 6 teeth now and Moose is still working on breaking in those top two to make it 4 total. Both are showing signs of wanting to walk. We've even taken a couple calculated steps and then of course fall) Bus wants to skip walking altogether and just start running! I went to Babies R Us and purchased all the necessary baby proofing items and have been working on getting my house ready for these two little men! (although I can't help but feel that no matter how ready I am.. I won't be!!)
Speaking of twins... nap time is over so I better run...literally...*WINK

Monday, September 8, 2008


Evelyn Jane
9lbs 3 oz
She looks just like her sister! My sister thought she had given birth to her daughters twin! LOL
They are both home and resting now up in Ontario. I wish I was closer to snuggle my not so wee new niece! Sending many hugs and kisses their way though!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I was laying in bed the other night and a thought popped into my head...
I have two sons playing soccer- I own a minivan- Dear God I am a soccer Mom!
When did this happen? How? I guess with four boys it was inevitable that eventually I would be some sort of sports mother.
The boys had their first game today and it was awesome. I didn't have a voice by the end of the day and was a wee bit sun burnt. (I say a wee bit cuz it would be embarrassing to actually say that I didn't put sunscreen on and ended up with sun poisoning- which is basically a sunburn with minor side effects of headache, dizziness and nausea- Yay me.. live and learn eh?!) <--Of course my kids were lathered up! Kata made 6 goals! I think he may be a sort of a ball hog but hey when your 6 its all about being in charge of that ball! Wink Chugo plays defense and while this is the first year he has played since he was four I think he did AWESOME! He was all over his guy defending the goal and when the ball came at him he charged right up to it! I can't wait for the rest of the season- WHOOHOO! (by the way they won their game shut out style 6-0! It was fabulous and such a great way to start the season!)

Chugo in action. (orange tee)
Kata and his soccer Buddy

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~11 mos old ALREADY~


Time has really flown by. I can't believe they are already 11 mos old and standing on their own for a wee bit of time and starting to want to take steps! Its seems like just yesterday I was rubbing my big pregnant belly willing them to arrive safely! *sigh*

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Of School!

Chugo-The big 5th grader now!
Kata- 1st grade already!

I can't believe that the school year has begun yet again! I never thought the day would arrive and now that its here I am almost sad. (don't get me wrong though I am totally looking forward to being able to clean the house and have it stay clean if only for 8 hours! Wink)
Go get 'em Boys!