Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bobcat.. YAY!

Scouting has been.... an adventure!
Both Chugo and kata have embarked on this adventure- pulling me into the mix of it all! (what a pro I will be once the twins are old enough to join!) We had our first Pack meeting of the year, and while Chugo had already earned his Bobcat badge at the end of the scouting year (right before summer) he didn't get to partake in the ceremony until this last meeting. Not only has he received that badge but as it was mentioned at the meeting, since his joining in May, he has received 11 badges including his Weeblos badge and a compass point! Now, as impressive as this would make me look saying that I helped him earn all of those badges- his scout leader gets all the credit. We did do a lot at home, but she was great about meeting with him to catch him up outside of the meetings! YAY MJ!
(picture is from after the meeting at home before he popped in the shower to wash off that itchy paint! Wink)


girlytwins said...

WTG!!! You certainly have been busy. Scouts is such a great organization for boys to be a part of.

Debra said...

WOOHOOO!!!! WTG! Wow.. he has really worked to catch up! Webelos has a lot of things to do.

Our pack does the face painting too. So fun and cute.

We are in 2 packs (Church and School). Its CRAZY. But I love it, he loves it and it is FUN!

Bonnie the Boss said...

My son turns 11 in January and we haven't even started! I am dying and I am going to start doing scouts this next week. Since his leaders don't do anything. You should count yourself luck and blessed to have such goo leaders.