Friday, April 25, 2008

Wimpy Wimpy.. Where's The Hefty Hefty?

Yes, its true- I've fallen down the path of diets. *sigh*
Well how else will I lose this baby weight? Certainly not with just exercise alone. (Wait, exercise.. what's that again?)
I opted for the South Beach Plan. (I will now refer to the so called diet as a PLAN so I don't feel so cheated out of not getting to eat all the bad things I once had. Besides who likes to admit they are on a "diet".)
It is actually not to shabby of a plan. Granted the first two weeks are detox Hell, BUT all in all it is something I could live with.
Now where do I weigh in on all this. (pun intended.)
I'm sure like any inquiring mind (or catty woman wishing to find something to smile about knowing you now have the upper hand and ammo to fire off rounds at my pounds! Wink wink) would like to know this.

Go back a couple years- Before I moved out here I worked 12 hour days (yuck) came home ate a quick bite, hung out with the kids then when they were off to bed it was workout time for mommy. I lost a good 15 lbs which brought me to, shall we call it, my starting weight of 138. (and yes that's pounds!)
From there I moved out here totally stoked to be fitting into those sexy size 29 silver tab jeans! (of course low rise but not low enough to where my "coin slot" (as my hub calls it) was sticking out)
Being that I was once again reunited with the Hub (oh yeah The cliff notes on this: *he moved out here for work I stayed behind to sell the business and the house, pack up the house and kids and drive Uhaul+trailer from MT to OR to move into a house that he bought and I had only seen in photos.) the pounds started packing back on.

It could have been the extra brews that I'd been imbibing while attempting to get in a comfortable state meeting tons of new people at all the relatives shin digs, or the extra desserts that well, hey I was down to a good weight -extra pounds shmounds, why did I need to worry? Whats one more slice going to do?! It all added up. (Good thing I am better with finances than I am calories!!)

So this brings our running totally to +20 in two years. (yep for all you non mathletes that means I am now at 158.) Which by most standards is still all good.
Yeah yeah the size 29s are waaaaaay back in the back of the closet but there still hanging in there so thats got to be a good sign right?!

ShaBAM!- Pregnant with twins.
Doc says, "ok little mama we would love if you could pack on at least 50lbs."
Hey, A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do for her babies! So I do it. Thanks to the 3 boost shakes a day and the 3000 calorie diet the nutritionist now had me on. Flash forward to Birth day! YAY the twins are born and while its amazingly scary that they are early and health status still unknown I ask the nurse just for poops and giggles to weigh me.

Drum roll please......-12. Bonus! when your pushing 200 down a couple feels ok. SUUUUURRREEE. (when in all honestly I thought for sure I had just had twins and with all the other junk that was suctioned out of me I must have dropped at least 20 easily)
But that's all that leaves me. I am stuck with the other 38.
(Now now.. I'm not complaining, merely just stating the facts as we all know them.)

Back to present and the "plan" at work.
I just finished my two week detox -10 more!
Sweet holy Mama, I feel like I just stepped off the Biggest Loser scale! Smiles from ear to ear! Guess the celery and egg beaters did pay off in the end! Then it comes to my attention that in order to even get back to that 158 prepreggers weight I still have 28 more to go.


My friend came over for lunch yesterday and brought mexican food. MMMMM not something that I had the pleasure of consuming during my two week detox. I'm thinking ok, I really shouldn't do this but she is bringing it over and is pregnant and I am NOT about to fight a pregnant lady over food choices so what the hay.
HOLY GUTROT BATMAN! I seriously thought I was going to die.
My stomach hurt not to mention the foul smells coming from the nether lands that left me reeking late into the night. Guess it was my bodies way of telling me 'Mexican need not apply within.'
Needless to say that I am back onto phase 2 in full force and for all you caring individuals who want to keep track I will post a small # with a - or +each week on Thursdays with the total of the week. (Loss or Gain I will post it- I'm calling this my motivation because who wants to post that they gained weight for everyone to see?!)

For those of you who know me personally I hope that you will keep me honest and be nice. You know I am too nice to say No, and would feel terrible if you slaved all day on those sticky rolls and I had to turn one down. So, like the trash bags- I will focus on being hefty and not wimpy!

~On a bonus note: I was complaining (Yee gads can you believe it!) to a friend about finding the time to work out and she told me to lay on the floor and do every moment the twins did for 5 mins. She guaranteed it would be a work out.
That night I watched them both wiggling and rolling about and decided there was no possible way I could keep up. Wow, this exercise thing might be harder than I thought!


Connie said...

Good luck with plan... I've heard good things about it!

Claremont First Ward said...

I LOVE that you are so honest. LOVE it. I gained the least with my twins of all my pregnancies and I know part of the reason is that the nutritionist at the hospital tried to starve me. Seriously a good thing towards the end that I couldn't eat much. Those first few weeks I was hungry! Once the doctor upped my daily caloric amount because the boys were not growing well I was at 2500 calories a day. ANd that was them shoving food at me. Makes me wonder what it was before that. Then, like you, I had the babies, weighed in a 2 weeks and was surprised and elated that I weighed less than I had ever weighed two weeks after having twins......and then I didn't drop another 2 ounces for 2 freaking years. Not an ounce. Life just isn't fair sometimes. SO, I finally had to go the diet route too. :) I didn't even tell anyone though........way to self conscious to actually admit what I weighed. So, I'm super impressed, super rooting for you. I just got a case (yes a case) of danishes from a bakery back east from my inlaws. It took a whole lot of will power to put them in my freezer and walk away! :)

Claremont First Ward said...

just to clarify, when I said I weighted less 2 weeks after having the twins, I mean less than I had 2 weeks after having my singletons.

Lottie_Ellie said...

Good luck. I gained 82 lbs (yes 82) with the girls. I have lost around 45... but that still leaves a lot to go and just thinking about trying to lose 37 lbs exhausts me. Course looking pictures of myself currently horrifies me. I was a size 6 before kids and now I am somewhere between a 12/14. I hope you are able to stick to it... and I hope that I can follow suit!

Jaime said...

This is so hard. I actually trimmed down quite nice while nursing my girls-and let me tell you, I was eating...a lot! Once I quit nursing a few pounds snuck back on and it is so hard to lose! Good luck with your plan!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I'm with you all the way. I need to loose 60 by the end of August. I haven't really started yet. Really I start each monday and by tues. I am straving to death and back to old habits. I am going to post my loss too. Then I will be more modivated to do better.

Kate said...

Best of luck to you! I was 160 before the girls, dropped to 150 after they were born and I was pumping, then crept back up to HIGHER than I was before them, around 170. I hattttttteeeee it. Some of it is muscle weight, as I do a lot of activities that build that, but I'm still too flabby for my liking. I'm not dieting at all, but I want to do SOMETHING soon. I have a wedding to go to in October, I have to do something before that!

You sound like you are doing welllll. Keep it up and I loved reading your post, it was fun!