Thursday, April 3, 2008

Conversations with a 6 yr old..

So I was looking at the twins today on their 6 mos mini birthday and then over to my rambunctious 6 yr old and realized that time was not on my side. Before I know it they will be six and I was trying to imagine them at that age. Would they be Super Hero dress-up costume obsessed like Kata? Would they run around the house never seeming out of energy? Would they pitch as huge of fits as he does and practically stomp through my floors? (that thought made me cringe!) Would they come up with the crazy outlandish stories and comments like both my older sons? Then I got to thinking about all the silly things my boys have said in their youth so far and thought I would compile then here for future reference.

(In story form..)

"Mom, what are you doing?"
"I'm pumping honey, can you give me some privacy? (As he attempts to pull his eyes away and leave) He runs out yelling, "Chugo, Mom is pumping and there are these brown things going in and out!"

(We were leaving the house to go to a party)
"Does Wine make you chubby?"
"Does it make you skinny?"
"Not that I'm aware of."
"Well I think that you should probably start working out a little bit Mom."
(And I'm not even a drinker! kids)

(At the dinner table with family over during normal conversation he pulls this one out..)
"Did you know that when boys get old they grow hair on their peepees?"
(Well its true but at the dinner table?? UGH)

(as he likes to dress up in costume.. we were heading over to the NICU to visit the twins and he was dressed all in black. He and my brother were wandering the halls and got stopped by a gal commenting on his get-up)
"Oh, now what are you suppose to be sweetie?"
"I'm the Grim Reaper!" He says with a smile and does a turn to show off his entire ensemble.
The lady gave my brother a sour look as he smiled at her thinking what a character his nephew was until he realized that OMgosh we are in a hospital--Quickly the Reaper was derobed and packed away.

(after coming home from delivering the twins and trying to relax)
"Mom, your lap is getting bigger! There is room for me to sit! Did you do that just for me?"
How could I resist not saying yes? *Wink

and thats only a start...


Claremont First Ward said...

These are PRICELESS! After I had my third child my oldest asked if there was another baby in there. Nice. I've noticed they've all had almost an obsession with pubic hair, too. They can't understand why people get it. At all.

Lala said...

I'm glad to hear it cuz I was a little worried HAHA!

Jaime said...

Kids are so funny! You can't help but smile at the things they say. (or cringe occasionally;))

Bonnie the Boss said...

How adorable. I love those inapropriate dinner conversations. I have 4 boys as well. I do have one girl though. I am sure you feel out numbered quit often.

Laura said...

These are SOOO wonderful! Better your dinner table than mine though.