Friday, May 15, 2009

Feature Friday!

Well our next feature would have to be the twins' baptism!

They were baptized on Feb 22,2009
It was a private baptism right after mass. The twins were wonderful despite the ceremony interfering with their usual daily routine. (they thrive on a set schedule and boy oh boy watch out when we divert from the set schedule! wink)

the boys in their baptismal outfits relaxing

Griffin getting baptized!

Oliver getting baptized!

I think that photos always tell more than the words on with the pictorial!

We ate ribs and all the yummy fixins that go along with them!
(as you can see only one baby is pictured here... the other was napping!)

Then we ate Cake! I made the cake and I thought it turned out OK. (seeing as I was rushed because what mom isn't running around like a crazy woman on big days like these?)
As you can see we were slowly losing poor Bus. He posed for the picture and he was done. Literally. His day had been crazy and napping not at the normal times, as while I would love to tell you all the day was utterly and totally fabulous- I would be lying. So for posterity reasons I will note that Bus pitched the biggest fit that day that any of my children ever had. It continued for 1. 1/2 hrs! Needless to say he and I were both exhausted by days end. From that day on I realized the importance of keeping as close to our daily schedule as possible no matter how hard it is! *Wink

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

At the end of the day- upset sleepy boys, hysterical Mom, and of course a 10 yr old boy wielding a camera... sigh... you gotta love being caught in your crazy Mom moments!

Happy Mother's Day to You All!