Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Flu season is yet upon us again... UGH
We have never taken part in the whole flu shot event. I have always believed that you would get sick from the shot, I mean after all practically every story I had ever heard about someone getting horrible sick had been after they had gotten the shot.
Our fabulous in home nurse assured me that you can't get sick from the shot. (possibly the new flu mist as it is live virus, but not the shot.. its dead. wink)
I agreed, after she told me how badly the flu could affect the twins if they did in fact get it. My kids are my everything, and the idea that one of them would end up back in the hospital was not an option for me. After a wee but of persuasion, the hub agreed too.
(and besides my good friend's family all got them and no one got sick-and they even got the mist!)

So.. we got the shot. It was free and she even did it in the comfort of my own home.
As a Mom, especially a scrapbooking Mom, I felt it only necessary to capture the moment. (granted not ME getting it done, just the boys! teehee)

And now the proof.. that we are in fact Flu immunized----