Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My mother in law is an amazing woman.
Its not often that a woman can say that she truly likes her husband's Mom. (are you with me here girls?) From the very moment I met her she had welcomed me with open arms. I have known her since I was 15 years old. I recall the first time I met her, she had her long curly hair down to her shoulders and came into the room doing spins in her car wash dress. (as she called it because the dress had long strips cut almost fringe like that twirled out when she spun) She was going out on a date with a tall man in a cowboy hat. (but he wasn't much for me to remember)
She was, and is now still so full of life. She would do anything for you and always remembers the dates of everyone who had ever had a birthday, anniversary, or even their death. She is a woman of God and some days I truly believe that she has a phone line directly up to the big Man himself. If ever a prayer was needed, she is the woman to call and pray with.
She has always excepted me for who I am, even in my dark days-and I thank her for that.
We have been so blessed to have her in our lives.. so today.. Its her day..

Happy Birthday Mama-Lupita-Wella-Sticker-Babes..and every other name you go by!
When God made you.. he truly did break the mold! XOXO


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I wish all MIL's would welcome the woman their son falls in love with with open arms! My MIL was a ninny boob (putting it VERY mildly) and it made things so stressful. It was because of her that my husband and I eloped. Now we get along very well and I'm thankful for that.

Your MIL sounds like a really fun person! I remember car wash dresses! lol! Happy Birthday!

Connie said...

A great post...she sounds like a wonderful woman...I feel very lucky to love my MIL as well....