Monday, October 6, 2008

The Party for the ONE Boys!

I have to say, I was stressed out trying to make sure that everything would be done around the house before the guests arrived! Luckily for me, I always worry more than I should and it all turned out great! The food was done on time just as everyone was arriving. It still hits me at odd times during the day, My babies are ONE! How did this happen? More importantly...When?!
I made it through the party, I teared up just a little when people were looking through the NICU scrapbook. I can't believe they were ever that small! With no further ado.... onto the photos!

The Cakes! I made them each their own little mini cakes so they could "have at it". (and of course a bigger one for all the guests!) Moose was careful with his cake and picked it up to nibble off it. Bus, well when he got his cake he grabbed it with both hands, squeezed it through his fingers and shoved cake into his mouth with both hands! (this was truly the first experience the boys had with sugar and omg they were on the craziest sugar high! Didn't end up going to bed until 10:30pm! Needless to say we did a lot of sleeping the next day to make up for it! *wink)

They boys loved their birthday blowers. They kept trying to figure them out and then said, what the heck lets just chomp on them instead!



Singing Happy Birthday

Both Chugo and Kata helped blow out the candles and when it came time for presents no help was needed, well for Bus that is! Its like he had been opening present all his life! He ripped the paper open and kept banging on the present in excitement! He even looked over at Moose during one point, who seemed in his eyes to be taking waaaay to long to open his and crawled over his own gift in order to starting ripping away at Moose's! It was too cute! (maybe it was the sugar I dunno, but they both really enjoyed the day!)
All I can say is, I can't Wait for Christmas! YAY!!

(On a silly note, I seemed to have dressed the twins for their personalities: Moose in a button up and sweater vest and Bus in a Hawaiian shirt. My BIL thought this was quite comical and has decided on nicknaming the boys Gene Hackman and Tom Selick. Maybe for the hair, I dunno. I can't wait til his daughter is born and we can come up with silly nicknames for her! *Wink)


Jocasta said...

Happy Birthday Boys!

Love the cakes - you did a wonderful job

angie said...

Gene and Tom are so cute on their birthday. I was CRACKING up when I read that. :)

The CAKES are amazing. SO CUTE.

Happy Birthday boys. Congrats, mom. 1 year down.....time flies, doesn't it?

girlytwins said...

Tom & Gene are too cute. That is hilarious. You did such an awesome job on their cakes. Wow!!! I am so happy it all turned out so well. It sounds like your boys had a great time. :)

Happy Happy Birthday sweet boys!

Churchill said...

Happy happy birthday. What adorable little one year olds. And what a yummy looking cake.

Kim said...

Happy 1st birthday boys! Your cakes turned out great. It looks like you had a wonderful day!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Cute, cute, cute cakes! Happy Birthday to your boys!

Debra said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Congrats on making it through the 1st year!!!

Debra said...

BTW... YOU ROCK at cake making. Those are FABULOUS!!!!

Connie said...

It sounds like a wonderful party! The cakes were GREAT!!

Tracy said...

looks AMAZING !!!!!
man - wish I could have been there.
you ROCK!!!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Great cakes! And the boys look so cute!

Tracy said...

how are you - I'll try to email - life has been a bit crazy!!

Kate said...

ACK I missed this! It's been a while since you posted it, but the boys are soooo cute! That HAIR. I love it! How big they've grown, gosh I still remember your posts on the momo NICU board. They look wonderful!!!