Thursday, October 2, 2008

The day before...this time last year...

Everyone says the first birthday is emotional.
Twins.. that means emotional times two right?
Last year was a whirlwind of ups and downs. Tears of fear and tears of joy, so many tears I recall telling my family that I wish I could take my eyeballs out and soak them they stung so bad! We're almost there, one more day, and as I prep the "party" I recall thinking back to this time last year.
Baby B's heart rate had been having decels. The rate at which they were deceling was increasing and his heart started dipping into the 'not so good' zone. The team of doctors had come in and told me that I was going to be put onto 24 hour monitoring so they could see if a decel pattern was forming. I admit I was scared and I kept thinking, I know I told the nurses the other day that I was so uncomfortable and ready to be done.. BUT I really wasn't! (Especially now that they told me things were getting iffy.) I had made it to that 30+ wk milestone, and everyone kept assuring me that if the boys needed to be taken they would have a great chance. So scared, sitting in that little hobbit hole of a hospital room alone and praying that everything would be all right. I think I had squeezed my cross pendant so hard and for so long that it was embedded into my hand!
Amazing how fast time passes. God does work miracles, he works them everyday, and I guess it took me 7 mos of hard pregnancy to finally see it.
I am soooo glad that we've made it through this first year mostly unscathed, but even though I sit here now, watching these two little men come into their own, I still can't shake the emotions of their pregnancy and their birth. I'm sure one day it will go away, or maybe it won't.. perhaps it will be a little like ptsd, only post traumatic pregnancy disorder instead! *Wink

So To celebrate the months of carrying the twins I give to you... An Homage to the Belly!


Jaime said...

Love all the belly pics!! And you look fantastic in all of them! I know I didn't look that great...maybe that's why I don't have many belly pics:)

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I love the pic of the cup on your belly!! lol! Isn't it amazing how our bellies stretch?? That always amazed me. Great photos!

Connie said...

You looked great!! You got so big!! I didn't take any photos, and I totally regret it.

Laura said...

I love all your belly pics. I took NONE and feel so badly about it now. I was just so worried the pictures would haunt me if I lost the girls.

Great photos!