Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things that start with "I..."

I saw this over at Brittany's blog and thought I would give it a shot myself!

I am…Just me. Mom,Wife, Daughter, Sister and Great Friend. (well I think I am!)
I want…to get everything done on a days to do list for once!
I wish... I could see my family and friends more often!
I hate strongly dislike…-Not a big fan of hate.. so I strongly dislike close minded people and liars.
I miss…My pre-pregnancy wardrobe. (One day I will fit back into it!)
I fear… the unknown and change.
I feel…amazing when I see my family and what I've created!
I hear…Moose and Bus chatting to each other and the hum of the fish tank.
I smell…Chai Tea (waiting for me to drink it before it gets cold!)
I crave…some alone time to craft. (which lately I get none of!)
I search…for the good in everyone.
I wonder…what I will be when I grow up.
I regret…I try not to regret... but I do regret not always being appreciative of the things I have.
I love…God, My Sons and Husband, Nature and blooming flowers! (and a clean house.. seriously this list could go on and on!)
I care…about my family and friends.
I ache…everywhere. even places I didn't know I could ache.
I always...Find the Positive (no matter the situation)
I believe…everything happens for a reason-Even if we may not see it at first.
I dance…silly with Chugo and Kata; to rock Moose and Bus to sleep.
I sing...All the time and make up songs to fit my mood!
I cry…when I think back about the journey I've been on so far. (happy tears)
I don’t always... have my priorities in order (I agree with Brittany on this one!)
I fight…myself daily.
I write…this blog and in my journals
I never…go to bed angry.
I listen…to my sons, my intuition and for God.
I need…hugs from all my babies everyday!
I am happy... I'm ME!


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

This is a good one! I like how each sentence is very open ended and you can complete it in a million different ways!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I enjoyed that post and would agree it all seems to fit what I know of you very well. I feel privliged to know you.

Jaime said...

Well that was a fun one. And I loved your answers. I like that you dance silly with your kids and make up songs to fit your mood. I do those, too!:)

Homegrown Tribe said...

Wasn't that fun! Loved getting to know you a little bit better.


Connie said...

Good one Erin!! It's fun getting to know more about you!!