Friday, June 13, 2008

Summertime and finally starting to feel like it!

Today is the first official full day of Summer break for my kiddos! (And already Kata was in at the crack of dawn asking me what he could do!) I had all this fun stuff planned for summer but now that the gas prices have hit a whooping $4.12 a gallon, we may stay a wee bit closer to home. So now I have to get my creativity in gear.. which is proving hard seeing as I still can't hear out of my ear! Its ringing in there but apparently no one is home! (HAHA... good thing I still have my sense of humor about me eh?!)
The Hub's Mom is up for a visit from AZ which has been fun so far! (She is staying two weeks, but not the whole time with us as the Hub's brothers are like 20 mins away and the older of the two is expecting their first child which is super exciting!!) So anyways... where was I? Oh yeah, summertime. I got the garden planted, strawberries are already plumping up and getting ready to pick and the raspberry bushes are starting to turn too! I am excited! I have been working on the front yard when I can (which is not very often at all!) But I finally got some mulch down so it didn't look like I was just playing in the dirt. My favorite Gardner will be here next week for a visit (Yep MY brother!) so I can't wait. I bought a grapevine and we is going to work his MacGyver skills and help me make a Trellis for the vines.

The Twins are phenomenal! Growing sooo big and now crawling everywhere! They are so fast! They've always had their personalities but now they are really starting to shine. (not to mention make it known if they like or dislike something!) We bit the bullet and started them on cereal after we had our in home visit with both the nurse and EI. They both felt that the twins were ready and boy were they! They have taken off eating. They are not super big fans of the rice cereal but tolerate it. We've tried bananas, apple sauce, peaches and sweet potatoes (not all at once hello what do you take me for! Wink... this has been over weeks.) and the sweet potatoes are by far the favorite. I love this new phase that they are in but it reminds me just how fast they are growing up! Before I know it they will be one and then after that- talking back! LOL

Mooses First Taste!Bus' First Taste!

Kata just finished up with T-ball and is looking forward to scouts. (He just got placed in his den) And Chugo has been going gung ho with his scouts. I have met some really great Moms and a lot of them have sons the same ages as all my boys so can you say Play Dates? YAY!!
I've missed having a social life! But then again with four kids, two of which are under a year, yeah.. you know what I mean when I say we don't get out much. By evening time I am exhausted and the only thing I am thinking is "Oh Dear Lord, please let these boys fall asleep early so I can too!" I'll keep you all posted when I can. Its been awhile but once the antibiotics are over and I'm hopefully back on my feet again- I'll be back daily! Until then..


I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Wow, they're getting SO big! I remember when you posted their delivery on and it didn't seem so long ago!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Sounds like a typical summer! Sorry about the ringing.It is soooo annoying to have constant noise in your head! I hope the antibiotics do it for you.
Your boys are adorable. I am glad the food thing is going well.

Kate said...

Oh cereal!! Our girls hated it at first, but now they'll eat it. Well, they eat just about anything (including attempts to eat price stickers, paper bits, string etc by Evie...I'm about ready to flip on that!) I found sweet potatoes to be a particular favorite...hmm...interesting. I guess they ARE rather good...even all liquified like that. They are definitely getting big and so very, very cute!!!!!!

Lottie_Ellie said...

What cute little eaters! Sounds (and looks) like they are doing terrificly with their eating!

Anonymous said...

They are so cute !! I am so happy for you I can't wait to see my girls!!! You are one lucky girl!! It is really nice too see many other mothers who Have MoMo twins and they did beautifuly It will be great to have one more friend and mother to talk with!! They are adroable so congrats!!!