Thursday, June 12, 2008

Babies Babies EVERYWHERE!

Tis the season to be pregnant! (no not me... HELLO are you crazy?!)
I went to the doctor for the ear infection and my doctor informed me that she was expecting a boy in Septemebr! I am soooo stoked for her she is awesome and will make a great Mom. Then I got to thinking about how many people I know who are expecting right now...

The lady down the street- August- A girl
My older sister-September-unknown
The nurse at the Docs office-September- A boy
My Doctor-September- A boy
My SIL-November-unkown
My Best friend growing up-December-unknown

(the unkowns are because they are not far enough along to find out, well all except my sister who has now had three ultrasounds and that baby is just hiding its parts! I am praying for a boy though!)
Kinda makes you wonder if you might be able to fill in the blanks with the unknowns... like girl-girl-boy-boy-girl-girl.. or maybe it might be girl-boy-boy-boy-boy-girl or .... who knows! So many combos! (but only two choices to choose from haha... boy or girl!)
I will keep you posted when I find out what the others are, so if anyone wants to make their own predictions as to what the gender-birth order may be that would be fun!