Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quilted with Love

You know how you plan on doing things and then life just sorta.... happens. Well that has been the last two months of the year. With four birthdays in October and then the holidays looming it was needless to say one busy season for this mama!
I decided this year to do a semi-homemade christmas! I planned my gifts out and made lists and prioritized. (I know.. ME... being so organized! I think I must have been possessed or something! haha) So now that the holidays are over I can finally reveal the gifts I made! (Originally I thought- oh man, wouldn't it be great to do a new post each week with a tutorial posting what I did, how I did it and the outcome- but alas- in my holiday rush,  I was lucky to remember to have snapped a photo before I sent the gift out! What is it they say, Best laid plans?! So I will post a picture and just tell you my thoughts or any tips or tricks that I did. Wink)

The Quilt Project:
(I apologize in advance. The photos are not the best, it was overcast and dreary (and amazingly windy) the day I took the photos. (and i took them on my phone! Shhhh don't tell my Dad!) But as I stated above- I'm just happy I remembered to take a photo!)

As you know- I've been crazy into quilt making lately. As far as I am concerned, the gift of a warm blanket hug is the greatest gift ever! I set out to find a great (and easy) pattern to follow and thanks to Pinterest I found one I loved the one over at Thimbelina's blog.(Finally getting to try out all those bazillion pins that are sitting there on my boards)
Of course, in classic me fashion, I got overly excited about my cutting and ended up cutting too many of the charms so I had to rework the pattern but I think it turned out pretty good if i do say so myself!

Here's a shot of the backing and a little closer peek at the front.

And again, I just can't ever seem to leave things as they are so I found this great tutorial on adding a magic binding! (see that ting strip of printed fabric peeking out next to the pink- thats the magic binding!) I loved how it all came together and am looking forward to getting to make another quilt like this soon!

There is nothing sweeter than seeing your finished product get used! This poor little honey was sick at Xmas but loved snuggling up with her new Quilt.

Many blessings and Happy crafting!