Sunday, October 5, 2014

"I Wish I Had Time For That'

"I wish I had time for that."

I hear this often from friends and even strangers who 'work for a living'.
I never understood that term. I mean, yeah maybe I don't work outside of the home to make money, but i sure as heck work pretty dang hard inside the home.  Its all about time management and priorities.

Apparently, it is thought that stay at home moms just have nothing but time on their hands. I mean after all, how hard is it to clean house, cook dinners and tend to the kids? (should I blow a gasket right here?!) So, I just wanted to clear up some misconceptions of 'my free time'. I have none.
I have 5 children, I run a business out of my home, I cook, clean, teach and chauffeur... free time is not something I have much of, if any at all.  I never get a day off or a paid holiday. Heck the holidays, while fun for the rest of the family, always end up being even more work for myself. But I digress.

So my time..
Yeah. I wake up at 4 am everyday (even on the weekends) because that is the the only time I have to 'work' my business, craft or do anything I would like to get accomplished before I have to get kids up and running for the day (like say.. pay bills).

I don't need a pat on the back or a cookie, but I do wish that sometimes people would watch how they say things. I know that they are just wishing that they 'had more time' to do the things that they love too... but like I said, It's all about time management and prioritizing!