Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!


In Oregon! Its heavenly I have to say. Sigh.. I miss the winter snows of Montana, but it seems that this year it has come to visit us here! We got a couple inches the other day and now we are getting dumped on again- and the forecast says yet another storm is headed our way on Sunday! Needless to say this week has been a snow week for the kids- well yes it is only wednesday but I'm fairly positive they will be calling the nest two days as well! Looks like my boys will get a 3 week Xmas vacation instead of two! Wink

So on a belated note- I;ve been a slacker. I have had tons to blog about but by the end of the day it seems sleep has been more important! The holidays have not only brought stress and fatigue- as per usual they've brought all the yummy germs along with it! (I even got strep.. UGH!) So in my attempt to keep those pesky buggers at bay- I have now implemented the "Sanitize or I sterilize you rule!" I'm still working on that front door decontamination room.. although somehow I don't think it will be welcomed open armed by the public! HA HA

I will... attempt to do my best at keeping up with all the news as this year slowly winds down... as always.. Thanks for your patience! *cheers*


Bonnie the Boss said...

Good luck with the germ warfare!!! I used to lysol every surface in the house. You do what you have to do.

Tracy said...

oh - I hear ya on the sick front - NOT fun. I got a nasty virus that also landed in my throat & I felt like I was swallowing knives. A week later - better, but not fully healed. ugh.
I'll be thinking of you over the holidays - health, blessings & JOY!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

We have a ton of snow, too. Its pretty until the snow plows come through. Ha! And why did I think you were on the east coast?

We all have slight colds here...but luckily that's all. I can deal with a cold.

Connie said...

Wow, we've been sick a lot this year as well...much worse than last year. And I have all but abandoned my blog as well...I hope to get it caught up!! Hope you're all better and had a great Christmas!!

Lottie_Ellie said...

We have all been sick too. It is never ending. I wish we at least had some snow here in DC to make staying in more fun.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Erin, I miss you.
Here is my new blog address.