Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well first off Happy New Year! I can't believe that yet another year has come and gone! 2008 Wow.. turning 30 so far has been nothing more than just another day. I've heard that as we get older birthdays will start to do that. No more counting down the minutes until the precise moment of our birth (not that I would anyways seeing as I'm usually asleep at 2:15 am anyways!) and celebrating our live. Not to say that the day wasn't special- Ed had planned a surprise dinner party at the Cheesecake Factory with family and friends and I got some great gifts. I guess I was just waiting for that thirties wisdom too shine on me. I mean your no longer twenty-something, your thirty- by age law people gave to take you more seriously right!? Well whatever the laws on that are I am just thankful I'm alive and here! Thank you Mom for bringing me into this world and teaching me how to be a good person and being such a great role model for me and ofcourse Dad for instilling in me the good financial sense and street smarts! I know One day I will be looking into the eyes of my kids wondering where time went as they enter into their thirties!
50 is no longer old in my book- heck its just around the corner now! LOL