Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lockets of Gloss for Sweet Little Ladies

I wanted to come up with something sweet for my nieces for Christmas. I made them hair clips last year. (yes, the link is to my company- never hurts to give yourself a little kudos eh?!)
So I scoured the net to find something fun, yet functional,  and came up with lipgloss lockets!
HELLO! What girl would not love that?

Lip Gloss Lockets:

So I found this great little tutorial  over at Beautylish. They said any locket would do so I set out to Hobby Lobby to see what I could find. Now while they have some great lockets and I was so excited- I noticed on all the locket packaging that they said "contains lead". As these were a gift for little girls I knew that anything with lead was NOT going to work. (especially seeing as it was going to have something put into it that would go onto their lips.) So I hit up two more stores with no luck. Then the light bulb went off- Etsy! Of course! Why hadn't I thought that to begin with! So to the computer I went and within 5 mins found exactly what I was looking for!

I gathered all my ingredients, which oddly enough I had all on hand! (you know when you buy stuff thinking- omg I am sooooo going to make all these things with this (like beeswax granules) and then never do- but you store it all for that 'one day'- Well luckily today was the day!)
Then I got to crafting!

 I used some rub on decals that I found in with my scrapbooking supplies and then using some of my handy dandy E6000, I glued on the rhinestones and flower charms. I (also in my supply!) found some great silver chain and added some accent chain pieces to give the necklace a more decorative touch!
I guestimated on the length, but made sure that it would be long enough so that the girls could lift up the lockets and be able to see easily how to open the locket and get to the gloss!

Here is a shot of the cooled gloss inside the locket! I used a Q tip to clean up around the edges for any spills. I also want to note here that I decorated the lockets AFTER all the gloss had hardened back up. You want to make sure that the locket can lay as flat as possible when your filling it.
I am super impressed with how these turned out! To package up I used used some cute red paper jewelry boxes that I got from Hobby Lobby and tied it up with some Christmas ribbon! (You KNOW that I probably had tons of that laying around too! hehe)

And of course, had to post this picture of just one of the cutie patooties that received a gloss locket for Xmas. She loved it! (and I love her!)

Many Blessing and Happy Crafting!