Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

St. Pat's day if filled with green everything, corn beef, cabbage and salt potatoes, and lets not forget the annual viewing of Darby O'Gill and the Little People, but its also about togetherness. (Well at least in our family.) I love knowing the holidays are coming up and how each of my kids gets excited about it and remembers the traditional things we do on that day. (Kata was up dressed in green and hunting for the movie in the closet before I could even wish him a happy day!) I got to thinking about the future and how the boys are growing up so fast and wondered if the time would would come that they wouldn't care about the traditions or even hanging with the family. (well maybe not if it would come but more "when" it would come) It's inevitable, preteen years are just barely a year away and then the innocence is gone and they think they know it all. Why are kids so quick to grow up? Don't they know that once your an adult all you want to be again is a kid? Well.. in light of keeping the boys kids (HAHA) I took photos of all in green!

Ethan had his toy bin out and I thought that I would see if the twins fit, just for fun, and sure enough they did! (its a good thing they are such great sports! *wink)


Kate said...

I saw your comment on my blog and stopped by. I LOVE the picture of the boys in the basket!!!! It's adorable and they were so well-behaved! Now, who's who?!

Lyndsey said...

LOVE the new pics! Your buys are SO handsome :)

Bonnie the Boss said...

All of your boys are sooo cute. you are a very lucky mom.